The Role of Women in the Art of Ancient Greece

Love and Sex and Women in the Art of Ancient Greece

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Questions and Answers

Question: what is a ass

Answer: Aphrodite is exposing her ass in the following statue at Naples: Aphrodite Kallipy ge

Question: did they have intercourse a lot?

Answer: There are two kinds of intercourse, social and sexual. Social intercourse involves talking and celebrating among the people. They had to entertain themselves, but they were very good at telling stories and illustrating them with art. They had many festivals which all the people enjoyed. Sexual intercourse was a serious matter for the ancient Greeks. They had to have a high birthrate to offset a high deathrate due to ignorance of healthy living conditions. They needed a high quality of children to grow into talented adults so they could compete with their neighbors both militarily and economically. To accomplish this they were carefull to pick healthy wives for the men and then they secluded them so they could concentrate on healthy babies. Sexual intercourse would be required fairly frequently to keep the wives pregnant through an average of 5 pregnancies. The wives would not want to endure this, nor would the babies be healthy, unless they were kept fairly happy. The husbands probably gave them pretty much whatever they wanted. They did not make other demands either, even for sex. If the husband wanted sexual pleasure, and the wife was unwilling, then he went to a hetaera to get it.

Question: what would happen when two people make sex

Answer: Some sexual techniques are illustrated above. If a man had sex with his wife it was because he wanted her to become pregnant. It might be useful in this circumstance for him to provide for her pleasure. If he wanted pleasure for sex and his wife di not provide it, then he went to a hetaera.

Question: are the female breasts more fuller than they were in ancient greek time

Answer: I doubt it. Bras only give that illusion. Ancient Greek women wore no bras.

Question: can you show picture of tits

Answer: Click here

Question: how was sex in the ancient times of greece?

Answer: Sex was good. This is because sex is in your head, and the Greeks were good at filling your head with good stories that made for good sex.

Question: I have a statue of a nude young maiden riding a horse. Below th horse is a bear standing on two legs. Can you identify?

Answer: No. An identification might be made from a picture. Any information about the sculptor or producer would be helpful.

Question: Where are all the naked women?

Answer: All around you. Every woman is naked under her clothes. But they will not reveal their nakeness until a male has proved he is worthy. This usually involves getting educated and having a job. Then she uses Aphrodite's wiles to get him involved in a family. You can read about Aphrodite at: Click here

Question: how do i have sex

Answer: First you get a good education so you can get a good job. Then you get a good job so you can save lots of money. Then you find a compatible partner of the opposite sex who is a hard worker and can take care of a family. Then you study this page for proper position and technique for love. It may take you numerous tries but finally one of you gets pregnant and she has a baby. Then you have to raise the baby right so it can do well in school. This is when you spend the money you have saved. Then you spend the rest of the money on a college education for the baby. Each baby costs about $250,000 to raise in today's market. If you do not want a baby you will have to be very careful about birth control. If you mess up you will have to pay child support or alimony, or, even worse you will have to be cured of a venereal disease.

Question: what does lol mean?

Answer: Laugh out loud, love on line, laughs on line, or Lithuania on line.


Answer: You need to pray to Aphrodite for the answer to this question. Aphrodite is the ancient Greek goddess of love and sex and does not need the Internet. She will appear right next to you, sometimes as herself, sometimes disguised as a friend. You may not recognize her then, but later you will look back and recognize her by her radiant glow and good looks. But of course you have to be a real believer in an ancient Greek goddess, and there are not many of these around today. The trick is to ask your question when she is with you.

Question: can you send to me women sex animals??

Answer: The women this page is about have been dead more than 3000 years. But their legacy remains. One legacy is that the women would rather be worshipped than treated like an animal. If you try to force them to do what you want they become maenads or worse yet, Amazons.

Question: can you send to me women sex animals picturs??


Question: can i see some porn on this site.

Answer: The ancient Greeks did not have the concept of porn. This is a concept that we get from Christianity, and the Ancient Greeks were not Christians. Nothing from ancient Greece is considered porn. Our word for porn comes from the Greek work for prostitute.

Question: i was wondering what is the best postion to make love to a greek man

Answer: The ancient Greeks liked their women to be subserviant, so you just have to take a subserviant position.

Question: art in Greece

Answer: Art was primarily religious in nature.

Question: erections

Answer: The art of anciet Greece pictures both men and satyrs is a state of sexual erection.

Question: How big were their penisis

Answer: Penis size has not changed since the time of the ancient Greeks. In the theater when a comedy was performed the actors often wore large, fake penises attached to their costume.

Question: did they wear bras

Answer: No, they did not. Sometimes the women wore a trangular bandage like a bra. The Amazons seem to have needed something like this.

Question: tits

Answer: Tits have not changed since the time of the ancient Greeks. Classical Greek ladies covered their tits, while archaic Greek ladies exposed them.

Question: In the play "Antigone" she portrayed what aspects of a heroine?

Answer: Courage and conviction.

Question: did they have anal sex

Answer: Yes they did. Homosexuality, or sex between males, was much more tolerated in Ancient Greece than it is today. Anal sex is a common form of homosexual sex. There are pictures from ancient Greece which show a man an a woman having sex where the man is behind the woman and they are both standing in a crouched position with the man on the woman's back. This has sometimes be interpreted as anal sex, but this is generally not the case. This was the standard position for men and women to have sex when the intention was to get the woman pregnant. Sometimes the woman even stood on both her arms and legs.

Question: how come most of the pictures i've seen of greek sex standing up

Answer: That was the standard position. Beds were not that comfortable. I do not think the Greek man and his wife were alone that much due to the houses being small. The whole family probably slept in one room.

Question: greek style in the sexually meaning refer's to what"?" exact was the must favrote sexually possition of the ancient greeks?

Answer: My guess is that Greek style refers to anal sex. But the favorite position was the woman bent over with the man entering her from the rear while both are standing. This is the most commonly illustrated position.

Question: how old did the woman marry

Answer: As soon as she was menstruating an having her period she could marry. Often there was an initiation ceremoney that meant she was ready. In the Minoan culture, the women arranged their locks of hair so the men knew their status.

Question: Can you you put a picture of a guys dick, where you can see it really good? Why does the guys in basically all the pictuers , have his dick up an toher guys ass?

Answer: Questions such as these, which make heavy use of slang, are almost useless except to remind one of the graffiti that one sees in public restrooms. It is important to realize that such slang references hostility and an attempt to respond to dominance with dominance. Study the dictionary carefully so bodily parts can be carefully discussed. And try to remember that the goal of this site is good information, not an attempt for one sex to dominate the other.

Question: What are breasts

Answer: In women breasts are organs on the chest that produce milk for babies which serves as food during the first 2 years of life. But over time they have become symbols of femininity which are very important to the female appearance. The ancient Minoan ladies exposed their breasts, but the ladies of classical Greece covered them.

Question: why are the penises in the pictures of menage a trois much larger than in other pictues?

Answer: I am not sure your initial observation is correct. It is difficult to observe such things objectively. The emotions of the observer change perceived sizes, while the emotions of the artist affect the represented sizes.

Question: subordinated sex

Answer: When two people are in a sexual relationship and one of the people must behave so that the other has pleasure without regard for their own needs then that one is subordinated to the other.

Question: did zeus have sex with all the goddesses????????????

Answer: Zeus had sex with the goddesses Hera, Dione, Hybris, Metis, Alcyone, Merope, Celaeno, Electra, Sterope, Taygete, and Maia. The other women who he had sex with were mortals, namely: Leda, Europa, Io, Danae, Callisto, Carme, Lamia, Niobe, Semele, Taygete, Thebe, Elare, Electra, Aegina, Alcmena, Cassiepea, Antiope.

Question: were any of the greek men gay

Answer: Homosexuality was an accepted fact of the ancient Greek culture.

Question: How young were some of the women and girls who got married and had sex? Answer: A girl would not marry until she had her first menstrual period, but this would not be the optimal time to have sex and children. The idea of marrying that young would be so the husband could provide some of the girl's education. Men were encouraged to wait until they were thirty until they married. For the same reasons women should have been encouraged to wait until they were at least twenty-one before they became pregnant.

Question: were women used as prostitues and how were they treated

Answer: Prostitutes were usually women slaves. Hetarae were also prostitutes but they were better treated because they were trained as entertainers and conversationalists. There were also sacred prostitutes that were probably treated the best. Some hetaerae became wives and achieved a high status in the Greek society.

Question: laws to prevent rape

Answer: These were more laws to prevent the loss of a man's property. Rape of someone else wife was extremely serious and could result in death. Rape of someone's marriageable daughter was much less serious because the daughter could be married off to her attacker. Rape of a slave would only be a crime if property were damaged.

The following references are provided:

History of Sexual Violence

Sexuality in Fifth-Century Athens

Question: the art of sex

Answer: There is every indication that the Greeks knew as much about sex as anyone. They knew that Aphrodite was a very subtle goddess. They knew also that you had to fill you life with a lot beside sex if sex was to be a benifit. If sex was about plumbing, they would have written plumbing manuals. But instead they wrote play that plumbed every emotion. And they provided art that illustrated many aspects of life. And they developed a concept of an ideal that was worth living for. Life can be beautiful, if you discipline yourself and realise some of the beautiful ideals.

Question: were slaves sold and by what process

Answer: slaves were sold by the same process as other goods. Often a section of the market was dedicated to this and there would be a stage called an aution block. Slaves would be displayed on the block, often quite naked, just before they were auctioned to the highest bidder. The nudity of this scene has inspired many artists to use it as a subject for a painting, usually to idealize a subject that was actually quite brutal.

Question: Who was Venus the godess of love

Answer: Venus was the Roman Goddess of Love. When the Romans took over Greece they took the Grecian deities and merged them with the Roman ones. The Greeks had a very large and well developed mythology while the Roman mythology was minimal. There is a difference between the Roman and Greek deities, but often it is of no consequence. Venus is essentially Aphrodite with a Roman name.

Question: how sex started

Answer: There was no romance as such. The relation of a man with a hetara was a business arrangement. Marriage was a family business between the groom and the father. The story of Helen became very romantic and it did have its influence, but this was a much later development.

Question: It is considered homosexual and feminine to be a "malaka" in Greece now, yet many males still have no qualms about engaging in anal sex. In contrast with the Modern Greek attitude among men about being anally penetrated, how was the position of the penetratEE looked upon by the society?

Answer: Unfortunately, homosexuality in ancient Greece often involved a relation between a boy and an older man. Then the question of coercion becomes important. A person who is coerced into such an act is quite different from someone who does it willingly. In fact, then as now, the sex act often settles a question of dominance, with the male role dominant and the female role subserviant. This, in all probability, is the societal attitude in a patriarchal society.

Question: Why is anal sex often referred to as greek sex?

Answer: Because the ancient Greeks were tolerant of homosexuality, they became identified with homosexuality. Anal sex is a common form of male homosexual sex. A more important question is whether males were forced to have homosexual sex against their wills. Were women deprived of sex because men preferred homosexual sex? Was disease more prevalent? In our culture prohibitions run very deep because of Biblical commandments. Can we deal with homosexuality apart from these prohibitions as the Greeks must have? The ancient Greeks were not a homosexual society. The society tolerated homosexuality.

Question: did the women perform oral sex

Answer: Hetaerae were paid by men to perform oral sex. Wives would perform oral sex only if they wanted to.

Question: How is the concept of Aphrodite used in Modern America?

Answer: The image of the Venus de Milo (Aphrodite of Melos) is popular and is used in advertisements. Venus drawing pencils use her for example. Many movie actresses are referred to as "love goddesses" which means that she is a symbol of Aphrodite. Artists refer to her with imagery and suggestion. For an indication of the breadth search on the web for the word "Aphrodite".

Question: what is greek sex

Answer: Probably anal sex. See above for a discussion of this.

Question: who about making love with girls.

Answer: To make love to a girl you just do what she wants. Of course she may want you to go to College and get a good job before you get what you want from her. Girls are a long term investment.

Question: What do you do when you have oral sex?

Answer: If you were a hetaera in ancient Greece you would use your mouth to do what the other person wants sexually. If you were an ancient Greek wife you would use your mouth to do what you wanted sexually from the other person, or you would have the other person use his mouth.

Question: did they had heterosexual anal sex

Answer: Probably. For a hetaera this type of sex had the advantage of not resulting in pregnancy. It has the disadvantage of spreading disease germs and causing bleeding and sores in the rectum. But it is a mistake to think that the illustrations on vases of men entering females from the rear represent this type of sex. This was the preferred position for vaginal sex in those days.

Question: did the ancient greeks perform oral sex

Answer: Yes.

Question: Did Medea kill Jasons wife out of love or anger? Do you think her anger was justifies, and why did she kill her children?

Answer: Medea was Jason's wife. Jason wanted to cast aside Medea and take the other woman as his new wife. Jason claimed the social status of the new wife would be better. But Medea was already a princess, but of a distant land. Medea had made big sacrifices for Jason including killing her brother. She had saved his life many. She had proved her love to Jason on numerous occasions. Does it make sense that she would let herself be cast aside in this humiliating way? No. And it was the height of stupidity for Jason to think that she might. Love got her into the mess, then anger took over. She took out her anger on everyone, including her own children. In such a situation a normal person could plead innocent by reason of insanity. Jason can be blamed for his stupity. But in fact the Geek society has to bear most of the blame. A women should receive the full protection of the law. When she is wronged she should be able to receive redress from the courts. This will prevent the need for the vengence that Medea took.

Question: i love sex. is that bad

Answer: No. It is good if you help others as a result. It is bad if you hurt others as a result. You have to think of the long term consequences of your acts. Sex helps people find meaning in their lives, and it also helps people think about the welfare of others.

Question: can i see a woman doing sex ?

Answer: Often women are doing sex and you do not notice. Lysystrata says "...if we sit at home all rouged and powdered, dressed in our sheerest gowns, and neatlyly depilated, our men will get excited and want to take us;" Sex involves all the preliminaries and followups as well.

Question: sex and animals

Answer: The rape of Leda by Zeus in the guise of a swan is illustrated at: Athens, NM 1499.

Poseidon had given a wonderfully beautiful bull to Minos with the expectation that Minos would sacrifice it to him. Rather than sacrifice the bull to Poseidon, Minos kept it for himself. To punish him Poseidon had made Pasiphae, the wife of Minos, fall madly in love with the bull. Pasiphae let herself become impregnated by the bull and the resulting offspring which she bore was a monster called the Minotaur.

Question: During the Hellenistic Age, what were the contraceptive practices of Romans?

Answer: Many techniques were tried but nothing worked. Bathing was popular. Sheep-skin condoms were available. Herbs and medicines were used as well as charms and potions. Prostitutes would wiggle away just before the male orgasm. Unfortunately some of the Roman ladies tried self-induced abortions. This often was a form of slow suicide.


Answer: This is a web site on the women of ancient Greece. Why would you want a picture of the sexual organ of a girl who has been dead for over 2000 years? Of course girls have not changed a lot in over 2000 years. Would if help you to know that the sex organ of a girl looks a lot like her lips? Whenever you look at the face of a girl you can think of her sex organ. But remember that a sex organ has no teeth. But there are other dangers that you may encounter, so with the sex organ the teeth are more symbolic.

Question: how do you have sex?

Answer: This is a web site on the women of ancient Greece. The men of that time knew how to have sex because the women got pregnant and had babies. Exactly how they did it is not a big secret because the Greeks were very open about sexual matters. But they did not emphasize gross passions, and perhaps that is their secret. Here is a poem by Theocritus that may help you:


I know a spot where Love delights to dream,
Because he finds his fancies happen true.
Within its fence no myrtle ever grew
That failes in wealth of flower; no sunny beam
Has used its vantage vainly. You might deam
Yourself a happy plant and blossom too,
Or be a bird and sing as thrushes do,
So sweet in that fair place doth nature seem.
A matted vine invests the rocks above,
And tries to kiss a runlet leaping through
With endless laughter.  Hither at noon comes Love,
And woos the god who is not hard to woo,
Taking his answer from the nested dove
That ever hymneth skies forever blue.


Answer: Technically there was no rape because the citizens of the conquered cities became slaves. A female could become a sex-slave and forced to perform sex against her will, but this is not rape because of the slave status. But even so rape must have been pretty common. One of the reasons for the isolation of women in Classical Greek society was to protect them from rape. At the time of the Trojan war rape was very common. Warriors would raid communities and rape and pillage.


Answer: Click here.

Question: did they remove pubic hair

Answer: Lysystrata says "...if we sit at home all rouged and powdered, dressed in our sheerest gowns, and neatlyly depilated, our men will get excited and want to take us;" (Aristophanes, Lysistrata, line 152). This quote suggests that women removed body hair, but it does not specify which body hair. Greek art rarely shows body hair, but this may have been merely an aesthetic custom. There is direct evidence that at least some engaged in this practice as the following illustration demonstrates: Woman singeing her pubic hair. Other quotes can be cound at Aristophanes, Ecclesiazusae, line 12, and Aristophanes, Thesmophoriazusae, line 537.

Question: could you go over an ancient greek wedding using Lysistrata

Answer: There is some similarity. At the beginning of the play there is the separation of the man and women as the bride and groom are separated. The women give the men a bridal bath by dousing their torches with water. There is serious negotiation before the men and women are allowed together. Finally there is singing and dancing as the men and women are allowed together. Then they return to the marriage bed to consumate the marriage.

Question: did they look at girls as hot and ugly?

Answer: They realized that girls require a long term investment and some decided to go after more sort term rewards. But when the young girls flowered into women they were willing to reap the rewards.

Question: Pasiphae images

Answer: Here: Click here

Question: who was prominent

Answer: Aphrodite has always been prominent in this area.

Question: culture of ancient greece

Answer: Click on the Menu Directory below and Study the many subjects there.

Question: Did they wear clothes while heaving sex?

Answer: The art suggests sex was often performed naked, but their clothes would not have been a hinderance and might have provided some comfort in cold weather. In the Lysystrata Myrrine teases her husband Cinesias who has been deprived of sex. He wants to lie down with her. The suggestions is that they have sex lying down. She will not lie down in front of the baby. She wants to purify herself by washing. She wants to have a bed. She wants to take off her dress. She needs a mattress. She wants a pillow. She takes off her girdle. She wants a blanket. She brings perfume for him. In the context of the comedy these demands seem reasonable so the suggestion is they are commonly the demands of sex.

Question: do you have any pictures from the play "Antigone"

Answer: Click on each of the following:

Question: can i see a pic

Answer: To see a pic you must click on the underlined links.

Question: can i see a pic of Greek woman breasts

Answer: Click on the Menu Directory below then click on Aphrodite. In that page is a link to the Venus de Milo.

Question: where there lesbians?

Answer: Certainly. There have always been women whose sexual preference was other women.

Question: sex

Answer: Yes, the ancient Greeks had sex. This is proved by the fact that there were ancient Greeks. People having sex results in babies who grow into people who have sex. And the ancient Greeks felt they must have a lot of babies to be sucessful. The average women bore 5 babies; a lot bore ten or more.

Question: can you please show a picture of a real womens' breasts and a picture of a reals womens' vagina

Answer: There are several problems here. This is a page about the women of ancient Greece. Though they were real women they died long ago and nothing remains of them but pictures that artists of the time drew. The women of today consider their breasts and vagina to be private parts and they do not want to expose them to public view. You probably deal with women every day. These women do not want to expose their breasts and vagina because they do not want you to think they are sexually interested in them. If you study hard and get a good job that pays lots of money, then you will find lots of women that will be willing to expose their breasts and vaginas to you.

Question: what were the marriage vows

Answer: Marriage consisted merely in living together. It could be terminated by the wife leaving the house or by the wife being expelled from the house. In some difficult cases the wife could be called back to her family. The term 'vow' does not seem to apply.

Question: What is a boner

Answer: In the old days a boner was a blunder, but now it relates to sex. When a male gets sexually excited his penis turns from soft and flacid to hard and turgid. This hard state is probably the reference to boner. This hard state allows the male penis to penetrate the female vagina and is only useful during sexual intercourse.

Question: did they have lesbians

Answer: Every society has its Lesbians. In Greece they were tolerated rather than punished.

Question: Did the Greeks practice Necrophelia. Who was Necrophelia?

Answer: Necrophelia refers to having sex with a dead person. Achilles is supposed to have done this. The Amazon Penthesilia came to the defense of Troy leading a band of Amazon's. She was forced to challenge Achilles to hand-to-hand combat and he killed her. At the moment of her death he fell in love with her, retained her body, and had sex with it. He did not live very long after that.

Question: I have to dress up like Atalanta for a literature project. It's a huge grade but I have no idea what to wear. Can you please give me some advice on how to dress like Atalanta?

Answer: No one knows what Atalanta wore because she lived so long ago. But she sometimes raced quite nude. I do not recommend that you appear nude. The girls of later Greek times competed in races where they wore a short tunic. You could wear an outfit like this. Artemis often appears in this outfit so it is easy to find examples: Click here Atalanta wrestling Peleus: Click here Atalanta in a race: Click here She lived during the Mycenean period. Women during that period wore a flounced skirt, a girdle, and a vest that exposed their breasts. Though this outfit would be historically accurate, it would not be wise to wear it.

Question: did they have sex just to get a child?

Answer: Very few people have sex just to have a child. Sex provides an emotional bond between a man and wife. It is also a source of recreation for many. Apes never have sex just to have an ofspring. There is an unrealistic morality that this is the ethical thing to do, but it is not practical.

Question: what made Greek men sexually excited?

Answer: Lysystrata says "...if we sit at home all rouged and powdered, dressed in our sheerest gowns, and neatlyly depilated, our men will get excited and want to take us;"

Question: What is the Venus Butterfly Technique?

Answer: There is not much about ancient Greece in this question because Venus is a Roman goddess, but she did adopt the attributes of the Greek goddess Aphrodite. The quesion is a tribute to the Greek goddess in that it calls up her mystery because the words suggest excitement, but are in fact empty of content. But all is not lost. There is much real content about Aphrodite that is of interest.

I am reminded of the fact that many of the butterfly species are named after Greek goddesses and women. This may be a take off on that fact because another site refers to the 'pop appeal of the fictitious "Venus Butterfly technique" from "LA Law" a few years ago: a mysterious, infallible technique to deliver ultimate sexual pleasure.' You have to realize that sex is, for the most part, all in your head, and sometimes all you need is a good story. The ancient Greeks were good at stories. For this, and other reasons, it is likely that they knew the secret of a satisfying sex-life. A careful study of ancient Greek literature and art could provide the student with this secret.

Question: Do you think that women had significantly more rights than slaves in Classical Athens ?

Answer: We are greatly indebted to the ancient Greeks for the notion of rights, but they only gave them to male citizens. Wives were better off than slaves, but they had no rights.

Question: Love, sex and slavery in the Homeric age.

Answer: Many details are available in Homer. Women had real power as aristocrat or queen, but they had to marry whoever defeated their husband. Men liked to conquer women and make them sex slaves, but they sometimes made them wives. Men were very concerned about their offspring even if they seduced the women. Slavery could reduce you to drudgery, but you could also get out of it by buying yourself or getting married.

Question: I want to know how to do the venus butterly sexual position

Answer: If it was golf, you would say it is all in your wrist. With the venus butterfly position, it is all in your head (and the head of your partner). Ancient Greek literature can help you by knowing good stories that put you in the right mood. If you have good thoughts and are comfortable with yourself then good things will happen.

Question: Where Roman females looked upon at all times as Godess or where some mis-treated?

Answer: Some Roman women were very powerful and they got laws passed protecting women and their property. As a result Roman women had more freedom and were better protected than the classical Greek women. But there were still women slaves who could be mistreated without penalty.

Question: what

Answer: Try again.

Question: what form of contraception was used

Answer: For most women contraception was not a problem. Unwanted babies could be exposed or sold into slavery. Those who needed it had a problem. Myths suggest that simply bathing was one approach. Abortion was practiced even though it was very unsafe. Condoms can be made of sheep-skin and probably were available. Prostitutes practiced coitus interruptus where they wiggled away just before ejaculation.

Question: I have two questions which belong in the love and sex category. Firstly, if men were encouraged to wed at 30, does that mean the women were much younger? Also, how did wives feel about husbands going to Hetaerae for pleasure? Shouldn't the husbands have talked with their wives instead? The wives must have had a horrid life to put up with husbands having intercourse with hetaerae.

Answer: Women married at about 13 so that they could be trained by their husbands. There is good indication that women got what they wanted. This is the impression in Lysistrata, for example. If the husbands wanted more then they had to go to the hetaerae.

Question: a picture of classical greek pyxis

Answer: Click here

Question: a picture of classical greek urn

Answer: "urn" is a term that does not seem to apply to ancient Greece.

Question: How were the primary sexual organs displayed in ancient greek art?

Answer: One of the beauties of Greek art is that sex is displayed in a very natural context.

Question: Is there a goddess of fertility?

Answer: A number of deities participate in fertility: Adonis, Aphrodite, Artemis, Eros, Hermes, and Pan. During the Hellenistic period Priapus was worshipped as the god of the fertility of the crops.

Question: did woman in ancient greece have any rights?

Answer: No, they did not. In ancient Greece only the men citizens had rights. Women were entirely dependent on their family for whatever they needed. For most wives this was a fine situation because an unhappy wife is a difficult burden for a man to bear. This was not so good for the women who could not become a wife. It was a bad situation for women slaves who were sometimes forces to do things against their will. It was also not good for women who found their husbands to be abusive.

Question: How loud is an orgasm?

Answer: An orgasm is a sensation that occurs at the end of a sexual act involving the sexual organs. This stimulation results from the friction of sexual intercource or masturbation. In the male it is often followed by ejaculation but no such indication is present in the female. The sensation is located in the nerves of the sex organs and is unrelated to other senses such as hearing, taste, or smell. All sensations are transmitted to the brain and the intensity of the feeling can be affected by the brain state. Other sensations such as pleasant music, the taste of good food, smell of perfume, gentle touches, and appealing sights can affect the intensity of the experience. In the literature of the ancient Greeks reference is made to sexual pleasure rather than orgasm. Their visual art presents states of obvious sexual excitement, but orgasm is not indicated.

Question: what were there marriage customs?

Answer: See the Menu Directory below for the special page on weddings.

Question: Did the ancient greek prostitutes have actual brothels, or did they do a house visiting service?

Answer: It is easy to define a brothel as a house of prostitution, but in practicality they are very hard to define. Likewise it is difficult to determine who is a prostitute, let alone determine when they are doing business and when they are out on a social visit. The rumor is that both occurred, but it is difficult to prove.

Question: Did the ancient greeks produce sculptures of people having sex (if so could you please show an example), or did they portrey sex only on those pots?

Answer: They probably produced sculptures of people having sex, but I have no examples. The sculptures have been submitted to over 2500 years of censorship. Many sculptures have been defaced and destroyed in the past. Sometimes recent materials are found that truly represent the ancient civilization. The pots are valuable because they are recent reconstructions or recent finds. Sex is a difficult subject because it is often the subject of difficult feelings. It is a subject about which there is little objectivity.

Question: Were ancient greek penis' smaller than modern ones (I have got that impresion from their sculpture)?

Answer: There is no reason to believe this is true, but it is a fact that would be difficult to determine. Because sex is so important the tendency would be for artists to modify sizes according to current taste. Measurements made on a preserved body might be useful. Recently a bronze-age warrior was released from a glacier in Switzerland. Measurements on him might be meaningful.

Question: I have read somewhere that many ancient greek families livd in one room - how therefore would the mother and father of the family have sex withought embarasing the children?

Answer: The notion of privacy is fairly modern. Many children in earlier societies had to put up with their parents having sex. You might want to study what happens in the third world today. But the antics of couples who brag about having sex in airplane seats reminds us that privacy can be accomplished by a determined couple. A single room can be divided by curtains and screens. Greek women spent a lot of time weaving and the result could have had a number of uses such as this. It was customary for the husband and wife to sleep in the same bed together. The children then slept in other beds. The parents might relate after the children were asleep.

Question: what is the best sex positon

Answer: The best sex position depends on the goals of the people having sex. If the woman wants to become pregnant she needs to stand on her head. If she does not want to become pregnant she should stay away from male partners. Some positions satisfy the women better; others are more for the men. Sex partners need to communicate for best results. Some positions have an economic connection. The pentration from the back position was for the prostitutes the cheapest position.

Question: Were any ROMAN Godesses known for lesbiansism? Any legends or stories dealing with this issue?

Answer: most of the stories associated with lesbianism are about Sappho the ancient Greek poet from Lesbos. The activities of Maenads also suggest lesbian activity.

Question: Are there any documented Art works of homosexual sex? (Demo Pleas)

An article on "Homoerotic Images in Greek Vase Painting" is at Click here

Question: What was the average for greek boys and girls to lose their virginity?

Answer: Women married at 13 and Men at 30. But men probably had sexual experiences with hetaerae and prostitites at a much earlier age.

Question: Did the ancient greeks use any forms of erotica (eg whips)?

Answer: Such devices have always been around. But the question is who benefits? Is the person being whipped benefiting? When you kill a man and take his wife and daugters as slaves is this erotica? The Iliad describes this. Is is erotica when you rape a women in the temple of Athena? Poseidon did this to Medusa. It heightens sexual response when you strangle your partner while you have sex, but what if they die? One of the problems is that some people dominated their sex partners during the ancient Greek period against their will, and they probably used devices to do it. Some also satisfied their sex partners, but I cannot say if erotic devices were used for this.

Question: Was Aphrodite worshiped only throug sacrafice or did the ancient greeks worshep her through other rituals (Like the law that heroditus describes in ancient Babylon where all women had to have sex with a stranger in the temple of Aphrodite once during their lifetime)?

Answer: Aphrodite did not like blood sacrifice. She preferred honey instead. Aphrodite did not require sex with a stranger, but her temples sometimes maintained temple prostitutes. An orgy is a festival for Aphrodite, but not all festivals for Aphrodite were orgies. The goddess Hera went to Aphrodite to borrow her girdle so Hera would be able to get her way with Zeus. Women might go to Aphrodite for the same reason. They might acquire a girdle to help them be more appealing. But the girdle was more like a sexy nightie than a confining garment.

Question: when did homosexuality started and why

Answer: Homosexuality is more of a biological state than a learned behavior. If this is true then it is part of human behavior and has been around as long as humans have been. Homosexuality is a trait like left-handedness that some people are born with. Homosexuality is found in lower animals also. Some ideas about why are presented in the following article: Click Here

Question: how i suk up

Answer: Most of the problem lies with what you think you are and what you think you can get, and not enough with what you can do for yourself and what you can do for others.


Answer: Yes.

Question: What were ancient greek atitudes to lesbianism?

Answer: While ancient Greeks tolerated homosexuality, they ridiculed lesbiansm. Most of their ridicule was directed at Sappho. Of course all we have is the attitude of the men.

Question: What were atitudes to bestiality and necrophilia in ancient greece?

Answer: The Minotaur was the result of bestiality and Achilles participated in necrophilia in his affair with Penthesilia. The sacrifice of Polyxena for Achilles may also be considered necrophilia. The Greeks recognized the existence of these activities and attempted to deal with them.

Question: What other godesses apart from Aphrodite are often pictured nude or nearly nude?

Answer: Before the bronze age many goddesses were pictured nude, but we do not know their names. During the bronze age the nudes may be goddesses, priestesses, or sacrificial victims, but there were not that many. During the classical period few goddesses or women were portrayed nude. Most nudes were illustrations of prostitutes and hetaerae. After Praxiteles carved his nude Aphrodite, it was common to see Aphrodite nude, but not other goddesses. During the Roman period nudes of all sorts were more common. After the Roman period artists could portray the Greek goddesses nude, but no other women. This rule continued into the 18th an 19th century.

Question: what is the best sex positon

Answer: The ancient Greeks did not think there was one best sex position. They listed many alternatives.

Question: sex style

Answer: With Sappho to sing its praises the style must have been sublime.

Question: what sex

Answer: In ancient Greece both sexes were praised.

Question: Did the ancient greeks, men and women masturbate?

Answrer: Masturbation is a common human activity. In Ancient Greece there was no ethical prohibition, but neither was there any public display or encouragement.

Question: Do you have some pictures of different ways to have sex

Answer: This web site is about the role of women in the art of ancient Greece. All the pictures on this site relate to the art of ancient Greece and were in most cases done almost 2500 years ago. In that culture there were different ideas about morality than we have today. For this reason the art contained pictures of ancient Greek couples having sex in different ways. But these pictures cannot be taken as what is moral or acceptable today. You may find links to these pictures earlier in this page.

Question: Were women revered sexually?

Answer: Very much so.

Question: How were women portrayed?

Answer: As important.

Question: how a women gets pregnant

Answer: The Ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle says the following (Generation of Animals, Bk I:Ch 23):

"In all animals which can move about, the sexes are separated, one individual being male and one female, though both are the same in species, as with man and horse. But in plants these powers are mingled, female not being separated from male. Wherefore they generate out of themselves, and do not emit semen but produce an embryo, what is called the seed. Empedocles puts this well in the line: 'and thus the tall trees oviposit; first olives..' For as the egg is and embryo, a certain part of it giving rise to the animal and the rest being nutriment, so also from a part of the seed springs the growing plant, and the rest is nutriment for the shoot and the first root.

In a certain sense the same thing happens also in those animals which have the sexes separate. For when there is need for them to generate the sexes are no longer separated any more than in plants, their nature desiring that they shall become one; and this is plain to view when thy copulate and are united, that one animal is made out of both."

Question: anatomy

Answer: The Ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle says the following (Generation of Animals, Bk I:Ch 21): "It is plain then that it is not necessary that anything at all should come away from the male, and if anything does come away it does not follow that this gives rise to the embryo as being in the embryo, but only as that which imparts the motion and as the form; so the medical art cures the patient.

This a priori argument is confirmed by the facts. For it is for this reason that some males which unite with the female do not, it appears, insert any part of themselves into the female, but on the contrary the female inserts a part of herself into the male; this occurs in some insects. For the effect produced by the semen in the female (in the case of those animals whose males do insert a part) is produced in the case of these insects by the heat and power in the male animal itself when the female inserts that part of herself which receives the secretion. And therefore such animals remain united a long time, and when they separate the female produces the embryo quickly; for the young is imperfect inasmuch as all such creatures give birth to scoleces."

Question: sex

Answer: See above.

Question: do you show nude women

Answer: I try to have links to authentic art by ancient Greek artists. I also include more recent art which is illustrative of ancient Greek concepts.

Question: What was prostitution like?

Answer: Dealing with a hetaera was difficult because many only did things as favors. You had to repay them with favors, too. On the other end of the prostititution spectrum were the cheap prostitutes. You just showed them money and they just bent over for you.

Question: all mytoses about god of hunt Diana

Answer: Diana was a Roman goddess. Her Greek counterpart was Artemis. Click on the Menu Directory below, then click on Artemis.

Question: what action does a man takes when his wife commit adultry?

Answer: In ancient Greece a man would expell his wife form his house and send her back to her family.

Question: What does a Vagina look like?

Answer: With the fallopian tupes it looks a lot like the head of a bull. It is believed that the ancient Minoans worshipped bulls for this reason.

Question: This is one of the most ignorant websites I have ever seen. Who do you think you are going around answering questions based on your own inferences as if they were fact. What kind of idiots actually send you these questions??? By the way lol does not mean any of the things you said. It means 'laughing out loud'. Maybe you should look up the answer before you start typing.

Answer: Look up the answer where? I use Homer, Hesiod, Sophocles, Euripides, Aeschylus, Herodotus, Plato, and Aristotle.

Question: Was incest common, what were the atitudes at the time to incest?

Answer: Because of the isolation of women during the classical period incest was not common. The suicide of Jocasta indicates her feelings toward incest in the archaic period. But many of the deities participated in incest so it might have been more common earlier. Examples of incest:

Question: Did the ancient greeks practice both felatio and cunnilingus?

Answer: The ancient greeks had no moral prohibition against this. Of felatio there are illustrations but I have no documention for cunnilingus.

Question: How often did ancient greeks have sex?

Answer: Wives had sex as often as the wanted. If the husbands needed more they went to the hetaerae.

Question: Where can I find beautiful paintings of love making of Greece?

Answer: No paintings survive from ancient Greece. But in the Cleveland Museum of Art is a lovely painting called Cupid and Psyche painted in 1817 by Jacques Louis David. You can see this painting by selecting the highlights tour from the index at: Click Here

Question: how do lesbians have sex?

Answer: The best sex is had when each partner does what the other one wants.

Question: What is it?"

Answer: She is Aphrodite.

"...For when I look on you,
Then methinks Hermione
Was never such as you to see,
And I can say with better grace
That Helen's likeness is in your face
Than any maiden's of mortal race;
Nay, I'd set you higher,
And to your beauty's altar bring
All my mind's thoughts for offering
And all my heart's desire."

"To Her Beloved" by Sappho, translated by J. M. Edmonds

Question: Did the romans also have sex standing up as the predominant position?

Answer: I doubt it but I have no information on the Romans.

Question: What is the story of the rape of proserpina?

Answer: Proserpina is the Latin name for Persephone. This story is more properly the rape of Persephone. To read about this story Click on the Menu Directory below then click on Persephone.

Question: What is the story of Apolo and Daphne?

Answer: This is a story that Ovid wrote well after the Greek period. It is part of Book one of the Metamorphoses.

Question: What tips did the ancient greeks have to ensure pregnancy?

Answer: The Greeks wanted wives to marry younger and husbands to marry older. Marriages were arranged so both partners would come from good families. Wives were expected to focus on getting pregnant. If the wife could not get pregnant, she was sent back to her family and another marriage was arranged.

Question: Did they pactice much foreplay, use aphrodisiacs and so forth to enhance sex?

Answer: They used good stories to enhance sex.

Question: CAn you give me a good story that will enhance sex?

Answer: Try the following poem by the ancient poet Sappho:


Peer of the golden gods is he to Sappho,
He, the happy man who sits beside thee,
Heark'ning so divinely close thy lovely
Speech and dear laughter.

This it was that made to flutter wildly
Heart of mine in bosom panting wildly!...
Oh! I need to see thee but a little,
When as at lightning,

Voice within me stumble, tongue is broken,
Tingles all by flesh with subtle fire,
Ring my ears with waterfalls and thunders,
Eyes are in midnight,

And a sweat bedews me like a shower,
Tremor hunts my body down and seizes,
Till, as one about to die, I linger
Paler than grass is..."

Question: Is greek culture noted for being bisexual more than homosexual?

Answer: Ancient Greek culture was more tolerant of various sexual lifestyles but there is no reason to believe they practiced any lifestyle in excess. In Western Christian cultures sex is subject to strict morality. But in general all this morality does is cause sex to be more private. In ancient Greece sex was more public and less private. But the ancient Greeks were a strongly moral people. They chose to exercise their morality in different ways.

Question: I cant jack myself off unless i start thinking about dead people

Answer: What you think is not nearly so important as what you do, and when you do it. You can do quite well pretending your lover is Helen of Troy, but if you have to kill your lover, as Achilles did to Penthesilia, before you have sex, you are in real trouble. My suggestion is that you stop worrying about what you can do for yourself and worry about what you can do for your lover. True love is not so much your own gratification, as what you can do to take care of your lover.

Question: how often did people have sex

Answer: In the beginning of Aristophanes' Lysistrata Lampito says: "'Tis cruel hard, by my faith, for a woman to sleep alone without her nooky"

Question: did they have big tits

Answer: The sculptures and art indicate sizes have not changed much.

Question: Who were Phyllis and Demophoon? Do you know anywhere on the internet that I could find a colour scan of J. W. Waterhouse's 'Phyllis and Demophoon' neoclassical painting? Thanks.

Answer: Apollodorus mentions Phyllis and Demophon as follows: Click here

Here is the same subject by Edward Burne-Jones: Click here

Question: how to make the time longer in making love

Answer: Adoration and recapitulation. Contemplation of the beloved and the preparation of favors spreads out and intensifies the thrill, while the memory of the thrill of love lingers.

Question: I want unblocked sex websites in saudi arabia ?

Answer: You cannot always get what you want.

Question: what is the role in Ancient Greece

Answer: Women in ancient Greece were encouraged to be wives involved with child-bearing and raising. Women were also encouraged in various domestic activities such as weaving, food preparation, and cleaning. Women were tolerated as entertainers and in various sex industries. They were discouraged from participating in anything martial. Question: Thebe Answer: There were two. One was A nymph, daughter of Prometheus and Iodane. The other was a nymph and daughter of the Boeothion river-god Asopus and the water-nymph Metope, and the sister of Aegina. She married Zethus, Antiope' son, who helped build the wall abound Thebes. She was the namesake of the city of Thebes who not only nurtures and raises Thebans, but also serves as their metaphorical mother. Thebe's identity served as the poet Pindar's nourishing well.

Question: les meilleure position du sex

Answer: That depends upon what you want. If you want to get pregnant there are better positions, but they are not the most sensual. If you do not want to get pregnant then the safest approach is no sexual position. You do not even have to have vaginal sex to produce a pregnancy. If you want to have sexual pleasure, you do not have to worry about position, because it is all in your head. What helps is a good story, and that is what the Greeks were good at.

Question: in real life today if a bull did it with a woman could it make her pregnant like pasiphae?

Answer: Some different animals do interbreed, such as a horse and a mule. But most do not. Usually the ones that do are close in their ancestry. But a bull and a human are too far apart to interbreed.

Question: How can I findsex?

Answer: In Lysistrata by Aristophanes Lysistrata says: "If we sit at home all rouged and powdered, dressed in our sheerest gowns, and neatly depilated, our men will get excited and want to take us."

Question: photo sex animal with womens

Answer: Sorry, photography was not available in ancient Greece.

Question: what did women in ancient greece wear?

Answer: Click on the menu Directory below, then click on clothes.

Question: how a women should pleasure another women

Answer: The word "should" implies a moral judgement. The morality of the women of ancient Greece was quite different than the morality of today. Here is Sappho's comment:

To Aphrodite

GODDESS of Cyprus come, where beauty lights
The way, and serve in cups of gold these lips
With nectar, mixed by love with all delights
Of golden days, and dusk of amorous nights.

Question: Man, you have got to be the most patient person I know... these questions like repeat themselfs... Don't people read the page before asking?

Answer: Most do, but the ones that do not really need help.

Question: is it ok for a lactating woman to breastfeed her man?

Answer: A lactating women should breastfeed her baby first. If there is milk left over then it might not matter what she does with it. Ancient Greek women knew nothing about germs but a modern mother would have to be very concerned. A lactating women with a breast infection cannot nurse her baby.

Question: what is love

Answer: Sappho wrote a poem To Aphrodite in which she answers this question:

IMMORTAL on thy many-splendored throne
Hear, Aphrodite Queen, that art
Zeus' witching daughter; and whith pain and moan
break not my heart!
But come, if ever thou hast caught of old
My distant cry and heard my plea,
And left thy father's palaces of gold
To visit me;
And yoked thy chariot, and from heaven forth
Driven thy sparrows fleet and fair
With whirr of wings above the swarthy earth
Through middle air.
How fast they came! Then, Blessed One, didst thour
With lips divinely smiling ask:
"What new mischance is come upon thee now?
Unto what task
Have I been called? what is the dearest aim
Of thy mad heart? who is to be
Persuaded to thy passion? Sappho, name
Thine enemy!
For whoso flies thee now shall soon pursue;
Who spurns thy gifts shall give anon;
And whoso loves the not, whate'r one does,
Shall love thee soon."
Ah, come then, and release me from alarms
That crush me: all I long to see
Fulfilled, fulfill! A very mate-in-arms
Be thou to me.

Question: can you

In the poem To Herself Sappho says:

Be still, my Soul; not thus for me,
With thoughts outwelling glib and free,
Canst thou effuse
Adonis-hymns whose harmony
Shall please the Muse.
Such thoughts Desire that doth make fame cheap
And Love that doth hearts in bondage keep
Away have driven;
And Persuasion's whelm-wit vial of gold
To thy fancy's lip the sweets doth hold
Of the wine of Heaven.

Question: picture of naked woman

Answer: Click here. This is the famous Venus of Willendorf found by the archaeologist Josef Szombathy in 1908. It is now dated to around 23,000 BCE.

Women (Amazons?) bathing

Question: what did a vagina look like back then

Answer: The ancient Minoans were so taken by the resemblance of the vagina to the head of a bull that they used the head of a bull as a major religious symbol. Some of the Minoan imagery, including a bulls head, is displayed at: Heraklion Archeological Museum

Question: sex determintation

Answer: The sex organ is located on the body with the organ that eliminates waste water. In the male the penis sticks out from the body and carries the waste water. During the sex act the penis caries the semen used to impregenate the female. Testicles attached to the penis provide the sperm for impregnation.In some animals, such as the beaver, the testicles and penis are hidden from view, but in humans they are quite obvious. The female has a slit-like opening through which the waste water passes. Behind the urethral tube for the waste water is the vaginal opening. It is here that the male inserts his penis during sex. The sperm from the male unite with an egg of the female which then attaches and grows on the wall of the vagina to become a baby. So sex determination involves observing a penis and pehaps testicles on a male and a slit-like opening or vulva on the female. Females also have mamary glands on threir breast, but only adult female humans have mamary glands that stay enlarged most of the time.

Question: What's the best defloration technique?

Answer: It is the same for males and females. Sex partners should proceed with respect and consideration for their partner. Sex should not cause pain. Be willing to practice and do different things until both partners can achieve good satisfaction. If pain persists then see a physician. A physician often can make any physical modification necessary for good satisfaction.

Question: who to make friend shipe

Answer: A good sex partner is a good worker and an interesting person to be around. Most of the time you will not be having sex. You will be trying to make a living and trying to recreate. Also, over time both partners change. If the partners are not flexible then they will aggravate instead of cooperate.

Question: What is the venus butterfly

Answer: Read Click here but the advice in Ovid's "Art of Love" may be just as good.

Question: Did the women of the Minoan culture sacrifice the men?

Answer: This is suggested by the story of the Minotaur, though in the story of Theseus and the Minotaur, both boys and girls were sent to be sacrificed.

Question: I like fiend girl friend.

Answer A fiend is a demon or an evil spirit. It is also the Devil incarnate. For the ancient Greeks there was no Devil. But there were goddesses who were associated with the dark side of life and evil. Scilla and Charybdis were evil, destructive goddesses. The Sirens and the Harpies were also. The furies seem dark but they hounded criminals to death. Persephone, Artemis, and Medusa are all associated with death, but they do not seem like fiends. The Amazons were fiendish opponents who may have worshipped Ares, the god of war. But the best model for your girl friend would be Circe and her niece Medea. They had the power to do evil, and they often used their power in fiendish ways. Circe was a goddess while Medea was a mortal who was a priestess of the dark goddess Hecate. If you study Medea you will find that their are advantages to having a fiend for a girl friend because she does in your enemies. But if you cross her she does you in.

Question: How to have sex when you want to become pregnant

Answer: The most common position in ancient times is probably the best. In this position the woman bends down and rests on all four limbs and the man enters from the rear. In this position the uterus is tipped up and the semen from the man flows down hill.

Question: My h usband and I are disagreeing ALOT as to who to displate our 12 year olding (only child). Please, please... he plp

Answer: No one, including you or your husband should do anything to your child, male or female. Discipline should be, as much as possible, a natural consequence of the child's acts. If the child does not cooperate with you, then you should not cooperate with the child. Your husband should do the same. The parents then need to agree on what counts as cooperation. You need to then focus on good behavior. When a child cooperates then the child needs to be rewarded. You may wait a long time for this, but when it happens it should not be ignored. Which ever parent witnesses the cooperation should apply the reward as soon as possible. If you punish the child, particularly one as old as twelve, then you should prepare to be punished youself.

Question: do u have information on the greek god aries

Answer: Ares was the Greek God of War.

Question: how to have sex with a horse.

Answer: some girls have orgasms just by riding a horse. If girl bends over in front of a stallion he may try to mount her. Ponies do this the best. A man can have sex with a mare by inserting his penis in her vagina. The advantage of this type of sex is that neither the girl or the mare will get pregnant. But animal sex can be quite violent and the human involved can be badly injured.

Question: what does a pussy look like?

Answer: 'Pussy' means the same as 'beaver' which is slang for the female genital organ vulva. Every female has one so they know what it looks like. But they do not want to show it to you because then you think that they want sex. If they are sensable girls they won't want sex with you unless you want to marry them and take care of the babies that result. This means that you should have a lot of money and a good job. So if you are really interested in seeing pussy you should study hard in school and get your degree, then get a good job. The same was true in ancient Greece where men had to be thirty and well established in their profession before they could get married.

The ancient Greeks compared the female genital to a slit apricot but they did not emphasize the vulva in art. This was more common in prehistoric art. There is a discussion of images of the vulva in prehistoric art at: Click here

Question: how did they practice sex in Ancient Greece?

Answer: The men did whatever their wives wanted to get them pregnant, then they went to the hataerae if their wives did not give them what they wanted.

Question: didthe anicient Greeks masturbate?

Answer: Masturbating for your own pleasure is fairly unproductive, but you may have to masturbate to prepare yourself for your lovers pleasure. Practice, after all, makes perfect. The hetaetae would have had to practice to develop their skills, but whether they did it themselves or had some one else do it I do not know. At any rate masturbation is an almost universal activity. It is very likely that both sexes of the ancient Greeks masturbated.

Question: Did ancient Greek men prefer large or small breasts?

Answer: The ancient Greeks left many pictures and statues that can be studied for breast size. It is still considered that the size they choose is ideal.

Question: What were the Greek views on chastity?

Answer: The goddess Artemis preferred chastity before marriage. The ancient Greeks were not fond of celebacy and people were encouraged to marry. During marriage chastity was discouraged.

Question: What did the Greeks do tu prevent mess during menstration?

Answer: I have no information on this, but the isolation of women in Greek society helped the women to deal with these problems. In other similar societies, women have been greatly hadicapped during menstruation because of the perceived threat to the community that a menstruating woman provides. They did use a triangular bandage to contain their breasts under certain circumstances, and they may have used a similar device for menstruation.

Question: Did the greeks perform oral sex?

Answer: This is illustrated on Greek vases.

Question: have you ever had sex?

Answer: My mother and my mother-in-law both had sex and I provided them with a grandson in return.

Question: venus butterfly sex position

Answer: The pubic bone that surrounds the vulva is the mons veneris or the mountain of venus. When a women spreads her legs and then spreads the lips of the vulva, the result ressembles a butterfly. This image seems to have been an inspiration for Judy Chicago in her Dinner Party Project which helps women to realize the value of their inner qualities.

Question: What is something new me and my girlfriend can have fun with/doing?.

Answer: Take your girlfriend to the Boston Museum of Art to study the ancient Greek vases paintings. Carefully note each sexual technique portrayed and then try it with your girlfriend.

Question: Were there many gay and lesbian relationships in Greece?

Answer: Yes there were.

Question: how were upper class female rights different from lower class female rights?

Answer: Priestesses had a significant role in ancient Greek society with considerable autonomy and freedom. Wives were expected to remain in the confines of their home where outside activities were undertaken either by husbands or slaves. Lower class women were forced to do the drudgery that upper class women had slaves do. They also had to leave the house for such tasks as carrying water and wastes.

Question: how do you ejaculate by using your prostate

Answer: Orgasm in the male results from stimulation of the nerves in the penis which has causes the penis to swell and become rigid. This orgasm conists of constriction of the prostate causing a release of seminal fluid into the canal normally used for urine. This rush of fluid draws sperm from the testicles into the seminal fluid. The result is that fluid containing sperm is ejected from the swollen penis. The orgasm concludes with the swelling of the penis reduced.

Question: how did men express their penis

Answer: The question is, how did the man make their penis swell? In the play Lysistrata by Aristophanes Lysistrata says "If we sit at home all rouged and powdered, dressed in our sheerest gowns, and neatly depiliated, our men will get excited and want to take us...." After an absence of the women for five days the men are in agony. This is because their penises have swollen and they want relief. It seems as though just the passage of time is enough.

Question: How do I have sex?

Answer: If you care about someone else rather than yourself, you often have to please that person by having sex.

Question: women fucking bulls

Answer: The mythology has it that Pasiphae, the Queen of Crete fell in love with a beautiful white bull and bore a child by him, the Minotaur.

Question: women fucking animals

Answer: The deities of Egypt all had animal heads and human bodies. The Greeks seemed to think these were the result of human intercourse with animals.

Question: is it nice to do sex

Answer: By itself, sex, according to the ancient Greeks, is neither good nor bad, but is good or bad according to the consequences.

Question: what is the technique for venus butterfly

Answer: First get the woman to read a sexy story about a woman who is sexually satisfied. Then do whatever she wants.

Question: can i see a wemon's vagina

Answer: Inside a woman's vagina is like a dark cave and you cannot see anything. References to a cave in art may be symbolic of a vagina, for example: Click here Outside the woman's vagina resembles a bull's head with the vulva at the mouth of the bull and the fallopian tubes forming the horns. This may have been the reason that the Minoans worshipped a bull.

Question: wath is sex

Answer: Sexual reproduction is a biological method of producing new individuals from the genetic material of two parents. The male provides the sperm and the female provides the egg, while the female hosts the offspring until it is large enough to survive on its own. The male inserts his uninary member into an opening in the body of the female just behind her urinary duct. Physical stimulation of the member causes an ejaclation which sends millions of sperm into the body of the female. The ovaries of the female release just one egg or perhaps a few. When a sperm finds the egg it enters and fertilizes it. The egg then attaches to the wall of the vagina where it grows into a minature individual. This baby shares the bodily nutriment of the female until the vagina expells it at birth when it breathes on its own and depends upon its own heart.

In prehistoric times humans did not understand the relation between sexual intercource and pregnancy. By the Trojan war most Greek humans understood this, but they did not know about sperm and eggs or genetics.

Question: Did they practice necrophelia

Answer: Achilles practiced necrophilia with the Amazon Penthesilia.

Question: sexual position going greek

Answer: Anal sex in homosexuals or sex from the rear in heterosexuals.

Question: what is the meaning of lesbian and gay?

Answer: Lesbians are female homosexuals. Gay is a synonym for homosexual. neither name is particularly appropriate.

Question: can you show women about 5-8 or above long sexy legs?

Answer: I doubt any Ancient Greek women were that tall. But here is a picture of Amazons: Click here

Question: orgy parties

Answer: For the ancient Greeks the orgy was not a party or entertainment, but rather a religious event. It was a secret rite of the cult of Demeter or Dionysius involving frenzied singing, dancing, drinking, and sexual activity. It would have been similar to a evangelical Christian revival. Orgies were so popular that when priests forbid them in southern Italy, the people found a spider whose bite must be cured by frenzied dancing. The odd thing about this spider was that the bite was contageous and when one person was bitten then pretty soon the whole village had to dance. The spider was called the tarantula, and the curative dance was called the tarentella.

Question: Did women have orgasms?

Answer: Yes they did. Not only did they have orgasms but it was felt that they were many times stronger than those of the men, so much so that it was believed that the sexual urges of women were uncontrollable. This was one of the reasons that the emphasis was placed on virginity and the isolation of women.

Question: is there sexual intercouse with the mother and son and what was the impact

Answer: When Oedipus solved the riddle of the sphinx the people of Thebes were so grateful that they made him king. He was then married to the queen Jocasta. They had two lovely and devoted daughters Antigone and Ismene and two sons, Eteocles and Polynices. Later Oedipus found out that Jocasta was his mother. She then committed suicide and he blinded himself. But his two daughters took care of him until he died of old age.

Question: find girl who young sheep suckle her breast

Answer: The god Zeus may have been suckled by a goat named Amalthea. Atalanta was suckled by a bear. This might be a suitable image for Artemis but I do not find any examples.

Question: how do I make my semen taste better for her

Answer: Semen is not intended to be tasted but salsa or chocolate sauce improves the flavor of anything. If she does not like the taste give her the chocolate without the semen.

Question: What reflections did the marriage of Zues and Hera have on Greek society? Was their relationship used as an example of how to, or how not to, behave?

Answer: The best interpretion of their marriage was the merging of two cultures with the one dominated by a male god obtaining dominance over the culture dominated by a female goddess. The marriage become a description of fact rather than a moral imperative. The hope was that this was taken as an example of how not to behave but this is hard to know.

Question: What does the swan mean in Leda and the Swan?

Answer: In the myth Zeus in the form of a swan rapes Leda and she gives birth to an egg. From the egg Helen was born. This myth is similar to many creation stories which have the world coming from an egg. It also may be a reference to a time when the bird goddess was important. It is also possible that Leda was the queen of a society that was conquered by the society that worshipped Zeus. In this case the swan could represent the ships that brought the conquerers.

Question: I am a virgin and I am afraid to have sex with my boyfriend bcause he has a big penis can you give me any tips on how to go about this.

Answer: Artemis likes it this way because she wants you to be a virgin when you are married. But if you insist on going ahead an have intercourse then you can use you fingers to stretch the size of your vaginal opening. Or your boy friend can use his fingers. Prehistoric sites sometimes contain dagger like pieces of bone with testicles or other erotic carving which may have been used for the same purpose.

Question: was it a common practice for siblings to marry one another?

Answer: No. Even though the gods did this commonly, it was considered a sin.

Question: What was the economy like in ancient greece

Answer: The economy collapsed after the Trojan war, but it was robust during the classical period. The Peloponesian war caused a partial collapse, but after Greece was conquered by the Romans some properity returned.

Question: how to increase time duringintercourc

Answer: The ancient Greeks waited until they were older. You do not have to work so hard.

Question: Picture Please

Answer: Click on the links and the pictures will appear.

Question: can a horse become pregnant from a human

Answer: No.

Question: Did Greek Women Fart?

Answer: Gas is a product of the digestion process of most foods. How much gas is produced depends upon the nature of the food and the culture of the individual digestive tract. But a certain amount of gas is inevitable in any digestion. Greek women were no different than any other humans in this respect.

Question: about the gods of greek myhology

Answer: This web site is more about goddesses.

Question: oral sex

The ancient Greeks had oral sex because it was illustrated on the Greek vases.

Question: Having sex at first is painful and do you bleed?

Answer: This is often the case and this is one of the reasons that virgins were said to be sacrificed by the ancient Greeks. But this need not be so. In most cases the vaginal opening can be streched prior to sexual intercourse. The ancient Greeks believed this was one of the techniques that Artemis used to keep women virgins until marriage.

Question: Do most teenagers shave they're pubic hair? You know, "down in that area"

Answer: The custom in ancient Greece was to shave pubic hair but today it is not often done.

Question: show how the sex is done between man and women

Answer: This is the way the ancient Greeks did it:

Question: does masrebatin leads to loss of energy.if so how much?

Answer: Masturbation uses energy, but how much depends upon your condition. If you suffer from heart disease it could give you a heart attack, but if you are disease free then it is just like strenuous exercise.

Question: what is the venus butterfly sex position

Answer: Venus is a Roman goddess and this is a site about ancient Greek women.

Question: male pleasure slaves and their use by Roman ladies

Answer: This is a Roman topic which is outside the subject of this site.

Question: can you please organise this site a little more? as much as i would love to use it as a source in my thesis paper, it's pretty ridiculously set up and we dont know how legitimate your info is.

Answer: This page is part of a site on the role of women in the art of ancient Greece. It is a response to the many questions I have had relating to love and sex in relation to ancient Greek women. Even today many people find them quite sexy which is amazing since many of them have been dead 3350 years. I would like to reorganize this material but I have little time right now because so many questions are coming in. When I get time I will. The material is as accurate as I can make it. If you find any errors I will post them and make corrections. I have even asked many people to review the material because of its importance, but I have received no cooperation. You can see there have been few corrections submitted. For now you will have to accept it as it is.

Question: how did the romans treat women after sex

Answer: When Odysseus was done having sex with Circe she bathed him. But this is a site about ancient Greek women, not Roman ones.

Question: can i see some pictures on murders

Question: is there a love postion for a man to get deep feeling for a girl that likes him

Answer: When there is strong love any position will work. As with Odysseus and Penelope the effect will travers great distance and time.

Question: any one have pictuers of britney spears naked?

Answer: Britney Spears is not a woman of ancient Greece, so she is out of the scope of this web page. But the difference between Aphrodite naked and Britney Spears naked is only slight. The ancient Greeks did a number of statues of Aphrodite naked. Will this work?

Question: how often did they have sex?

Answer: Lysistrata suggests that an absense of 5 days was unbearable.

Question: Why do people suffer?

Answer: The ancient Greeks believed that people suffered because of the whim of the deities. You can reduce your suffering by gaining the favor of the deities and by avoiding angering them. If you do good you will be rewarded by the deities in this life, but if you do bad you may be punished in this life and the next.

Question: Can I have information about Kalypso?

Answer: Click on the Menu directory below then click on Calypso.

Question: why do girls have a certain spot they like in the pussy

Answer: The clitorus is a small erectile organ at the upper end of the vulva homologous with the penis. This word ultimately comes from the greek kleitorus, which means a small hill. All mamalian females have such an organ. The reason for such an organ is bound up in the evolutionary scheme of things. There is no scientific reason for it.

Question: How should i improve my sex, herbal medicines, scientific methods/medicines, guide me

Answer: If your sexual funtion is normal then the most important thing to pursue is self-actualization and the ability to make a contribution to others in your community. If you have confidence in yourself then sex will be like icing on the cake. If you lack confidence it will be like the proverbial albatross around your neck. A liberal arts education is very helpful for self actualization and study of the ancient Greeks is central to the liberal arts. The topic of this site is the Role of Women in the Art of Ancient Greece. Study of this topic is very likely to improve your sex life.


Answer: Not necessarily. If the woman swallows the semen she does not get pregnant. But, even though the man will have to recover before he can ejaculate again, it cannot be assumed that sexual intercourse is now safe. Sperm can be transferred without ejaculation. For a woman swallowing the semen may not be pleasant, but it is a lot more pleasant than an unwanted pregnancy. For this reason hetaerae performed oral sex on a regular basis.

Question: Dionisos

Answer: Dionysus was the god of wine and revels. During the classical period he had a group of female followers called maenads. The maenads strove for mystic ecstasy. Exactly what they did is a mystery intentionally. They were involved in ceremonies which seem to suggest sexual orgies related to fertility rites. They are often depicted wearing the skins of animals and carrying a thyrsos. This wand was wreathed in pine leaves and topped with a pine cone. This activity may have been a reaction to the confinement which the men of Greece imposed on their women. At any rate the men were terrified of the maenads and in their estatic state they could do many things that were otherwise prevented or disapproved.

Question: Could you provide more information on the GReek attitude towards sex? I understand the parts about their religions being based on a completely different set of morals, but could you expand??

Answer: Consider what Odysseus says (Odyssey, Book V) to Calypso: "And Odysseus of many counsels answered, and spake unto her: 'Be not wroth with me hereat, goddess and queen. Myself I know it well, how wise Penelope is meaner to look upon than thou, in comeliness and stature. But she is mortal and thou knowest not age nor death. Yet even so, I wish and long day by day to fare homeward and see the day of my returning. Yea, and if some god shall wreck me in the wine-dark deep, even so I will endure, with a heart within me patient of affliction. For already have I suffered full much, and much have I toiled in perils of waves and war; let this be added to the tale of those.'

So spake he, and the sun sank and darkness came on. Then they twain went into the chamber of the hollow rock, and had their delight of love, abiding each by other."

Now consider Odysseus and Circe (Odyssey, Book X): "Nay come, put thy sword into the sheath, and thereafter let us go up into my bed, that meeting in love and sleep we may trust each the other."

'So spake she, but I answered her, saying: "Nay, Circe, how canst thou bid me be gentle to thee, who hast turned my company into swine within thy halls, and holding me here with a guileful heart requirest me to pass within thy chamber and go up into thy bed, that so thou mayest make me a dastard and unmanned when thou hast me naked? Nay, never will I consent to go up into thy bed, except thou wilt deign, goddess, to swear a mighty oath, that thou wilt plan nought else of mischief to mine own hurt."

'So I spake, and she straightway swore the oath not to harm me, as I bade her. But when she had sworn and had done that oath, then at last I went up into the beautiful bed of Circe."

Now consider what Paris says to Hector (Iliad, Book III): "Still, taunt me not with the gifts that golden Venus has given me; they are precious; let not a man disdain them, for the gods give them where they are minded, and none can have them for the asking."

And from Iliad Book III: 'And Paris answered, "Wife, do not vex me with your reproaches. This time, with the help of Minerva, Menelaus has vanquished me; another time I may myself be victor, for I too have gods that will stand by me. Come, let us lie down together and make friends. Never yet was I so passionately enamoured of you as at this moment- not even when I first carried you off from Lacedaemon and sailed away with you- not even when I had converse with you upon the couch of love in the island of Cranae was I so enthralled by desire of you as now." On this he led her towards the bed, and his wife went with him.'

These statements form the core of the Greek morality of sexual intercourse. We learn from the Iliad that a man can steal another man's wife but it is a real evil. From the Odyssey we learn that sexual intercourse with another women is not evil but rather something that we do for pleasure. We also learn that sexual partners must trust one another. Notice that it probably is not Penelope's sexual prowess which draws him to her. These values are not the ones that have dominated western culture for 2000 years.

Question: did men and women have anal sex?

Answer: Yes they did. But the majority of anal sex is male homosexual. Homosexuality was tolerated by the ancient Greeks and anal sex was part of it. Because the common heterosexual position has the man entering from the rear and many illustrations of this exist from ancient Greece, it is commonly assumed that heterosexual sex was anal also. No doubt some prostitutes did perform anal sex because it reduced the risk of pregnancy. But the majority of heterosexual sex was propably not anal. Anal sex is not that popular because the anus is more delicate that the vagina and rectal bleeding is common. This means that disease is easier to transmit.

Question: Did they have three in a bed, orgies etc?

Answer: Yes they did.

Question: How common was rape, what was the punishment?

Answer: During the archaic period rape was very common. By the classical period women were isolated from men and rape became very rare. The punishment for rape varied with the circumstance. The rapist of a man's wife or mariagable daughter could be killed by the man. Financial restitution may be required if a man rapes the woman slave of another man. Rape of other women may or may not be a legal issue. A prostitute could sue for financial damages, but she may not get them. In the context of a war rapes were common and un-punished. But when Cassandra was raped in the temple of Athena, Athena requested that Zeus punish the army of the Soldier who attacked her. As a result some 20 to 30 thousand warriors lost their lives.

Question: did the ancient greeks consider shaply feet erotic or just atractive?

Answer: Both.

Question: Did they go naked in sex, if not what did they wear?

Answer: Naked or a filmy gown.

Question: Did the greeks have saunars or roman/ turkish bath like places?

Answer: Hot springs were known and used. Bathing was a customary ritual for guests. This is from the Odyssey, Book X: "And a fourth bare water, and kindled a great fire beneath the mighty cauldron. So the water waxed warm; but when it boiled in the bright brazen vessel, she set me in a bath and bathed me with water from out a great cauldron, pouring it over head and shoulders, when she had mixed it to a pleasant warmth, till from my limbs she took away the consuming weariness. Now after she had bathed me and anointed me well with olive oil, and cast about me a fair mantle and a doublet, she led me into the halls and set me on a chair with studs of silver, a goodly carven chair, and beneath was a footstool for the feet."

Question: would they have sex outside much?

Answer: In the Iliad, Book XIV there is this romantic picture of Zeus and Hera: 'And Zeus answered, "Hera, you need not be afraid that either god or man will see you, for I will enshroud both of us in such a dense golden cloud, that the very sun for all his bright piercing beams shall not see through it."

With this the son of Cronos caught his wife in his embrace; whereon the earth sprouted them a cushion of young grass, with dew-bespangled lotus, crocus, and hyacinth, so soft and thick that it raised them well above the ground. Here they laid themselves down and overhead they were covered by a fair cloud of gold, from which there fell glittering dew-drops.

Thus, then, did the sire of all things repose peacefully on the crest of Ida, overcome at once by sleep and love, and he held his spouse in his arms."

Question: I know this isn't a greek question, but where can I find good pictures of the Lupanar (Pompei) fresco's)?

Answer: RomanSites

Question: Did they like long shapely legs, what buttocks did they like in women?

Answer: >Aphrodite Kallipyge

Question: Did the women remove body hair - how?

Question: Yes they did. They used a razor, scissors, tweasers, or a hot coal.

Question: Phyrene?

Answer: Phryne (the toad) was a famous hetaera in Athens during the Fourth century BCE. She was the model for the statue of Aphrodite by Praxiteles. According to Hermipppus of Smyrna "In fact whe was more beautiful in those parts not exposed to view. Because of that it was not easy to see her naked. She always wore a little chiton clinging to her flesh and did not use the public baths. But athe the great festival of the Eleusinia and that of the Posidonia in full sight of a crowd that had gathered from all over Greece, she removed her cloak and let loose her hair before stepping into the sea; and it was from her that Apelles painted his likeness of Aphrodite coming out of the sea." She was charged with impeity in a famous trial but was acquitted when her beauty was revealed.

Question: What was the average ancient greek breast size - comparing modern bra sizes?

Answer: The Greeks did not measure averages. Rather they established ideals. Even today the Venus de Milo is considered the ideal woman.

Question: The coomon roman reproduction of aphrodite of cnidos looks somehow unshapley, was this realy the greek ideal, or is there any other more accurate reproductions in existence?

Answer: There are many copies and their quality varies with the skill of the copyist. Try this one:

  • Aphrodite of Cnidos

    Question: Can you give me a picture of a good condition ancient greek female sculptures feet - I find shapely feet attractive?

    Answer: Athena of West Ped.

    Question: How many diferent sex positions did the ancient greeks use, what were they?

    Answer: I know of no difference between the positions used by the ancient Greeks and the ones used today. In the Boston Museum of art is a vase that illustrates seven different sexual positions, but I did not find it the last time I visited. Perhaps you should visit their collection.

    Question: How did they kiss, did they?

    Answer: Kissing was more of a tender greeting than a sexual activity as indicated by the following passage from the Odyssey (Book XVII): "And the nurse Eurycleia saw him far before the rest, as she was strewing skin coverlets upon the carven chairs, and straightway she drew near him, weeping, and all the other maidens of Odysseus, of the hardy heart, were gathered about him, and kissed him lovingly on the head and shoulders. Now wise Penelope came forth from her chamber, like Artemis or golden Aphrodite, and cast her arms about her dear son, and fell a weeping, and kissed his face and both his beautiful eyes, and wept aloud, and spake to him winged words:..."

    Question: what modern size of shoe would a perfect ancient greek girls feet be?

    Answer: The Venus de Milo is the standard of perfection today so this question will have to be addressed to the Louvre: Louvre Mailboxes

    Question: from or how to start sex with women

    Answer: After you get your degree and your good job you do not have to worry about this. The women will tell you what to do.

    Question: lovs_q=list of websites in wich girls are rape


    Question: I have heard about a Hellenistic relief representing a Lamia straddling a traveller. Where can I find an image of this sculpture, either on the web or in a publication?

    Answer: Though it is referenced by the Lillith literature, I find no specifics. I did find the following reference: Burkert, Walter, The Orientalizing Revolution, Harvard University Press, Cambridge, 1992, ISBN 0-674-64363-1: "Lamia. She is already mentioned in the archaic period by Steisichoros and has also persisted in modern folklore. Lamia is grotesque, re- pulsive, and hideous beyond measure; however, there is no un- disputed Greek representation of her. The main characteristic of Lamia is that she steals children, perhaps even from their mothers' bodies." This work questions the value of the image mentioned, but it does point out the similarity between gorgons and lamia. One should be able to illustrate a lamia with a picture of a gorgon.

    Question: Could you send me, or post a picture on this site a picture of Athena west pediment plese, thanks. (Thanks also for this site, Have used it for some time and find it very informative)

    Answer: Schematic: Click here, Actual: Click Here.

    Question: wine

    Answer: Wine and sex were associated in ancient Greece. But it is a crazy kind of sex as illustrated in the following: Dionysos, satyr and maenad in wine-making scene and this one: Dionysos, maenad, and satyr and finally: Satyr and maenad. Usually the sex is very frustrated but here is a differentexample: satyr and maenad. Usually the satyrs seem interested in sex and the maenad does not. The maenad can evade the satyrs using her thyrsus, a snake, or some other device. But sometimes the maenad gets drunk and the satyrs have their way.

    Wine has the reputation of stimulating sex, but more truthfully what it does is remove inhibitions. But it also reduces performance so that if you take enough alcohol you cannot perform sexually at all. For the man this means an inability to have sex, but for the woman this means an inability to enjoy sex or repell unwanted advances. A drunk man may be unable to cause a pregnancy, while a drunk woman may get pregnant without knowing who caused it.

    Wine is also believed to cause ecstasy, a state during which the body has a heightened ability. But while a person has a sense of increased ability while drunk, an objective person will see a reduced ability. Even so the belief caused maenads to be pictured in ecstasy even though this would have been pure fantasy.

    Question: need more infor. on Ovid's The Art of Love,

    Answer: This work can be read at: Click here

    A study guide is available at: Click here

    Ovid is a Roman author and out of the scope of this site.

    Question: why is homosexuality so much more excepted back then then it is now ?

    Answer: Morality focused on other aspects of sex. Homosexuality was condemned as immoral by the early Christian fathers.

    Question: is there a picture of Pasiphae and her passion with the white bull

    Answer: No ancient picture, but there are several pictures of Europa and a bull. She is always depicted as riding the bull as follows: Click here.

    Question: did greek men and women rape there children

    Answer: It seems likely. This is a tragedy of all times and places of human culture. We try to prevent it but it is not easy. This type of event is very hard on the children.

    Question: did greek men and women have sex with dogs or horses

    Answer: Probably. This is not a rare thing in all cultures where these animals are domesticated.

    Question: Could you tell me where I could find information about love, sex and hetarai? Especially primary sources, I know about Plato's symposium, are there any others I could look up on the subject?

    Answer: To approach this question you get to read some of the best and most important literature ever written:

    Question: why was echo punished

    Answer: Of Echo Hesiod, In his Ode to Pan, says only: "At that hour the clear-voiced nymphs are with him and move with nimble feet, singing by some spring of dark water, while Echo wails about the mountain-top, and the god on this side or on that of the choirs, or at times sidling into the midst, plies it nimbly with his feet." The punishment of Echo is described in the Metamorphosis of Ovid and so is a Roman and not a Greek myth.

    Question: I know this is the site for Greek women... but do you happen to know about male rape during ancient greek or maybe in the mythology? If you do, could you please give me some quotations or maybe books that i can refer to.... thanks.

    Answer: Possible references:

    Male rape is related to women because its existence denies the enticement of women to be raped. Male rape is seen as much more an act of aggression than an act of passion and its existence agues for rape as an act of aggression. This takes pressure off women who are often seen as a willing victim.

    Question: why was they having 5 children

    Answer: Children provided needed labor.

    Question: why do have a menstration?

    Answer: Menstruation in women is an entirely natural biological process in women that is part of her capabability to have babies. Of the higher animals only humans and a few primates go through this process. Most of the lowere animals go through an estrus cycle which has a similar function. The most significant aspect of menstruation is that humans can have sex spontaneously and continuously rather than only during a special season when the female is in heat. This seems to have an important social function which binds families together.

    Question: I have a fetish for toilet paper and any sexy woman using it turns me on. Did anciennt greek females use it?

    Answer: No. Paper came to Europe during the Renaisance. Toilet paper was developed after mass production was more common probably during the Ninteenth Century.

    Question: Did love ever exist in ancient Greece?

    Answer: The following stories seem to involve love:

    Question: have you got any quotation abt the rape of Ganymedes and Chrysippus? or can you refer me to a source where i can find it? thanks!

    Answer: Label: Kunze 1940, Author: E. Kunze, Title: Zeus und Ganymedes, Secondary Title: Berliner Winckelmannsprogramm. See also: Click here. In the Poem To Aphrodite Hesiod wrote: "(ll. 202-217) `Verily wise Zeus carried off golden-haired Ganymedes because of his beauty, to be amongst the Deathless Ones and pour drink for the gods in the house of Zeus -- a wonder to see -- honoured by all the immortals as he draws the red nectar from the golden bowl. But grief that could not be soothed filled the heart of Tros; for he knew not whither the heaven-sent whirlwind had caught up his dear son, so that he mourned him always, unceasingly, until Zeus pitied him and gave him high- stepping horses such as carry the immortals as recompense for his son. These he gave him as a gift. And at the command of Zeus, the Guide, the slayer of Argus, told him all, and how his son would be deathless and unageing, even as the gods. So when Tros heard these tidings from Zeus, he no longer kept mourning but rejoiced in his heart and rode joyfully with his storm-footed horses.

    Click here. For Chrysippus see: Click here.

    Question: how women receieve penis with sexual exciting during intercourse ?

    Answer: In the normal case both the penis and the clitoris are equipped with nerve endings that provide sexual pleasure because they are physically stimulated during intercourse. Some couples are especially concerned that the sexual position be right so that both can be so stimulated, but in practice this is quite difficult. Since individuals vary, it is necessary that some communication exist so that both persons can be satisfied, usuually at different times. But what is most frustrating is that the physical stimulation is often not enough. Sexual pleasure may relate to the sex organs in in a general way, but it is very dependent upon the state of the rest of the nervous system. A person who is sexually excited is more likely to become genitally stimulated. But this excitement may not depend on sexual stimulation all. Stories can produce sexual excitement, or sounds in the next apartment. The sight of a naked woman may produce sexual excitement in a man but the stimulus can be much more subtle: a smile, a lightly lifted skirt, twirling hair, perfume, etc. Women have subtle cues, too, but the cues are often quite different in men and women. The odd result of this is that an excited women is capable of receiving a flacid penis and stimulating a minor ejaculation in a relatively handicapped man that is sufficient to impregnate her. On the other extreme an extremely energetic man with a powerful orgasm can so fail to stimlate a woman that she is totally unaffected. It is at this point that one realizes the importance of some of the stories of the Greeks. Some are extremely sexy and exciting and others are a big turn off. The fact is that if you find which ones are exciting, then you have a clue to what turns you on and how you can control your own state of excitement.

    Question: what does a virgins vagina look like

    Answer: The vagina of a virgin is no different from any other vagina.

    Question: how were iphigenia and polyxena sacrificed

    Answer: They were trussed and then stabbed in the throat. But one source says that Polyxena was eager to die because she did not want to be a slave. She ripped open her dress and bared her breasts and asked to be stabbed in the breast so that no one would touch her after she died.

    Question: my clit gets so big while having sex is that normal?

    Answer: There is much that can swell during sexual excitement including, for the woman, the clitorus, labia, nipples, lips, cheeks, etc. But notice that having sex is not a very precise term. You can merely see your lover across the room and have the same result. Or, if he has jilted you, he could be actively penetrating you and nothing will happen. Sex is fairly ephemeral. The dependence on working plumbing is slight. By studying sex among the ancient Greeks you will realize this.

    Question: i cant get any pussy so do u think i should turn gay coz no1 likes me thank u alot

    Answer: First you have to worry a lot more about what you can give and a lot less about what you can get. Then you really need to worry about who turns you on and what you can do for that person. It is very tiring to have to fake a sexual preference that you are not suited to. Then you have to figure out how to develop a meaningful relationship that is based on something besides sex. Few people can afford to spend all their time on sex and even fewer can support themselves in this way. You need to develop some interests that get you through the rest of your life. You will be amazed at how much pussy you get once you have a good job and lots of money.

    Question: album

    Answer: You do not need an album of images of your lover.

    Question: where is the female voice in greek mythology?

    Answer: The Ancient Greek goddesses spoke sometimes very loudly for women.

    Question: are there any pictures of oral sex that include non heterosexual couples?

    Answer: In ancinet Greece couples of every sexual persuasion engaged in oral sex.

    Question: I am interested to know more about mixed bathing in ancient Greece. I know that in the huge thermae of the Roman Empire, men and women often bathed together, as they have done in Japan since ancient times. Was there any similar institution in ancient Gr

    Answer: I do not think so. In ancient Greece women bathed in groups or the bathed themselves. But women bathed men singly. The women or her maids would bathe any guests as a matter of hospitality. In the Odyssey Book VI, Nausicaa says "So, my maidens, give the stranger meat and drink, and bathe him in the river, where withal is a shelter from the winds.'" intending her maidens to give the naked Odysseus a bath.

    Question: Since women are born naked, why do they need to cover their breasts, and why is it an offence to look at breasts? No woman should wear anything to cover breasts, right? Breasts should be admired by everyone and not kept a secret. Indecent clothing should be encouraged also.

    Answer: This question is answered by Anatole France in his novel Penguin Island which perhaps you can read. Penguin Island

    Recently I read that when women walked on all fours they only needed a bare buttocks to attract men but that when they walked erect they had to develop something similar on the front. This does suggest that women would want to expose their breasts. But covering them leaves more to the imagination and you still know they are there. Other sexual attributes should be uncovered as well, but that removes mystery. The other problem is uglyness. Many bodies are ugly and deserve to be covered, but beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. So artists paint the beautiful sex attributes to be viewed in a museum, while normal street clothes cover up the uglyness and otherwise leave you guessing.

    Question: porn

    Answer: To the ancient Greeks porn was any visual material which supported the business of the cheap slave prostitutes.

    Question: How to give oral sex to a female

    Answer: Ask her what she wants and then do what she tells you.

    Question: How to give "GOOD" oral sex to a female

    Answer: Ask her what she wants and then do "GOOD" what she tells you.

    Question: How did ancient Greeks clean their clothes

    Answer: "Now when they were come to the beautiful stream of the river, where truly were the unfailing cisterns, and bright water welled up free from beneath, and flowed past, enough to wash the foulest garments clean, there the girls unharnessed the mules from under the chariot, and turning them loose they drove them along the banks of the eddying river to graze on the honey-sweet clover. Then they took the garments from the wain, in their hands, and bore them to the black water, and briskly trod them down in the trenches, in busy rivalry. Now when they had washed and cleansed all the stains, they spread all out in order along the shore of the deep, even where the sea, in beating on the coast, washed the pebbles clean. Then having bathed and anointed them well with olive oil, they took their mid-day meal on the river's banks, waiting till the clothes should dry in the brightness of the sun." Odyssey, Book VI

    Question: some picturs of tall hair ladies

    Answer: Any goddess will do. A goddess normally stood a full head higher than the average man in ancient Greece. And their hair was always gorgeous.

    Question: if the father have B+ blood group and mother have A- blood group. what are the possible blood group of their child

    Answer: Here are some articles:

    Question: what is the best way to have anal sex?

    Answer: Gently. The advantage of anal sex is that the female does not become pregnant. The disadvantage is that the walls of the anus are delicate and the sex causes bleeding. Also the anus carries excrement which is full of germs. This bleeding allows germs to enter into the body. The result is that sexually transmitted diseases are transferred much more easily in the case of anal sex and other diseases can result as well. If you do not know your partner that well and it is your anus being used, then a condom might be desirable. Cleaning all the apparatus used is desirable but cannot be depended upon.

    Question: did the greeks really do this type of thing?

    Answer: You can be sure that the ancient Greeks were involved with all kinds of sexual activity. They were fortunate that they lacked some of the sexually transmitted diseases that we have today so sex was not as dangerous for them as it is for us. But public health was not as good and they suffered in other respects. They were probably no more promiscuous that we are but they certainly were more open about sex and its portrayal in literature and art. Even so their morals were not lower than ours and may have been higher. That homosexuality was an open part of their society was more a tribute to their morality than their immorality. Much of their sexual activity was covered by religious principles which they took quite seriously.

    Question: What was used for toilet paper? For Tampons? For Band-Aids?

    Answer: Toilet paper was not in use until the nineteeth century and many people remember using corn cobs until well into the twentieth. The need for toilet paper may be related to diet and refined foods. Whether the ancient Greeks used dried grasses or washed themselves with re-usuable towels will remain a matter of debate.

    The issue of tampons is less controversial. In many cultures menstruating women are secluded so that menstrual bleeding was a private matter. The normal seclusion and long dresses of the Greek women might accomplish the same thing. Failing this rags would be used to catch the blood. Though sponges, particularly in Greece, have always been available the idea of using them as an insertion to give women freedom seems quite recent.

    For bandages herbs were put directly on the wound then wrapped with a scrap of cloth.


    Answer: Sex is not a matter of appetites but rather of feelings. There is much sexual stimulation which needs to be avoided. Reading about sex and being exposed to sexual material just makes matters worse. Also a relationship built just on sex tends to be a poor relationship. You need to develop other qualities on which to build a relationship. Instead of asking what others can do for you, you need to ask what you can do for others. Build skills in youself that allow you to help others. When you can share with others some will want to repay you with sex.

    Question: What is the name of the sexual Pratice of an older man an a younger boy where the older han has frontal sex with placing his penis between the younger ones thighs

    Answer: The word pedophilia comes to mind but it is not it. This was a practice in ancient Greek times, no doubt, but not a good one. It seems unlikely to have been without coercion and not considered legal anymore.

    Question: Did the wives mind when the husbands sought sexual pleasure elsewhere?

    Answer: The wives usually got what they wanted. If they did not like what their husbands were doing, they made them miserable. Of course the wives might not know what their husbands were doing.

    Question: why are female genitalia not depicted with the same degree of explicitness as male genitalia in ancient Gree, Roman and renaissance italian and French sculpture?

    Answer: The ancient Greeks established a style the emphasized the whole human body in correct proportion, rather than giving in to enhansing parts depending on their importance. In this system secondary sex characteristics become as important as primary ones. Because the male sex organ is external it continues to be displayed, but for the female, breasts and feminine form become more important than the female sex organ.

    Question: did greek men enlarg thier penises

    Answer: Yes. When Greek men were sexually aroused their penises enlarged and stiffened. This happened when a woman undressed for them, or kissed them sweetly. Women dancing or playing the flute also aroused Greek men.

    Question: why coulndt I get any of the pictures? WHy is 'the sitre not responding'?

    Answer: The picture links on this site point to many different sites. You need to indicate which link or links are giving you trouble.

    Question: what is the meaning of sexual gratification in ancient greek

    Answer: It is not clear that the ancient Greeks thought that sexual gratification was possible. According to Hesiod Pandora was put on the earth to torment man. Through her beauty, grace, and charm she was very attractive to man, but her deceit and cunning allowed her to get what she wanted and leave the male with more needs and more work.

    Question: is the long and thick penis is possible

    Answer: The size of the erect male penis can vary considerably from specie to specie and from individual to individual. In humans the size of an erect penis can vary from 4 inches to over 12 inches. Unfortunately artistic conventions allow exageration so historic images cannot be considered reliable evidence. These conventions are reinforced by psychological considerations including male desire for dominance and female desire for stimulation. The fact is that a large penis can be physically painful in a women while a small penis may not be sexually stimulating. Some women are psychologically stimulated by a large penis while others are not. Most importantly the size of the penis may not be correlated with fertility or potency.

    Question: how do the greeks use to enlarge their penis. i just got the hint that they were very comfortable in enlarging their penis. i really appreciate ur servieces

    Answer: The penis is a hydraulic system controlled by the nervous system. Under normal circumstances it is sexual excitement that causes the penis to enlarge, with more excitement causing more enlargement. Sexual excitement can be entirely psychological caused by the thought of a sexy situation, or it can involve stimulation, a kiss or a caress. This stimulation can be of the many erogeous zones that vary from body to body and often quite separate from the penis. On the penis itself there is a nerve that runs on the underside of the penis that is most stimulating near the tip of the penis. This nerve corresponds to the clitoris nerve in the female.

    In most cases penis enlargement is a natural result of the love-making process, but because penis size has a psychological impact on both the male and female, efforts have been made to enhance penis size. More use probably has the effect of increasing size, and drugs which have a psychological effect can be a factor. But the most important drugs known to the ancient Greeks, alcohol and opium, have a negative effect.

    Question: Did women use makeup in sexual rites of passage, what colors and why those colors

    Answer: There is no indication in the imagery of any makeup but it is known to have been used. The assumption is that it must have been light. During the marriage ceremony women wore a scarf-like hood. I have been told that Greek women wore red wedding dresses but I have found no evidence of it. Ancient Minoan ladies cut their bangs according to their sexual status, but there is no evidence of this among the Greeks.

    Question: how is foot sex practiced, did the ancient greeks do foot sex?

    Answer: Probably. Any part of the body can be an erogenous zone. And because sex is so psychological the effect of the body on others can be extended to things associated with the body, like underpants, or even things touched and places stayed. The trick is to know your erogenous zones and your lovers. People who are especially excited about feet are called foot fetishists and they can seem quite annoying and strange to someone who does not understand what is going on. When I was in a bookstore At Shaker Square in Cleveland I ran across an interesting book on eroticism which had a picture from Japan af a man who was enjoying the pleasure of seven ladies. In order to satisfy all the ladies he had to use his feet. This is no doubt some kind of record.

    Question: are there any literature references (or indeed visual) which provide evidence for the ancient greeks viewing shaply feet as erotic?

    Answer: The ancient Greeks found women erotic (or perhaps did not like them if they were not). As a result any evidence of a woman could be considered erotic, and feet were much in evidence:

    The front and back foot belong to a maden who seems to be running from a partly naked young man wearing boots. One has to wonder about the phallic nature of the lotus bud the maiden holds.

    Question: how was bestiality viewed in ancient greece (not invovling dieties but among the general populace practicing it)?

    Answer: Bestiality, sex with animals, is a common practice in agricultural societies. The many myths involving bestiality meant the ancient Greeks were resolved to this fact.

    Question: Were the ancient Greeks murdered if they raped somebody?

    Answer: There were a number of different situations:

    Question: Why was homosexuality common in ancient Greece

    Answer: Homosexuality was no more common among the ancient Greeks than it is today. What was common was tolerance of homosexuality. Since homosexuality is a fact of nature what needs to be explained is why there is so little tolerance of it.

    Question: what does sex have to do with aphrodite????

    Answer: Aphrodite controls sex appeal.

    Question: did Aphrodite enjoy having sex???

    Answer: She did, but she really is more of a flirt. She relates to the sexual preliminaries. The actual sex act was more the realm of Hera. For sexual pleasure you pray to Aphrodite. For conception you pray to Hera.

    Question: If women are around 21 when they bear children, why do they get married at 13? Does this mean the husbands wait until their wives are old enough before they have sex?

    Answer: A smart husband will postpone the pregnancy of his wife until she is 21 so that his wife is both mentally and physically ready to begin the process of child bearing. Young girls make poor mothers. The reason for marrying a girl that young is so that the husband can be responsible for the education of the girl so she can be well-trained and responsible when she is a women. What could be better than on-the-job training in the house where she is to spend the rest of her life? Many women seem to have taken advantage of this opportunity and trained in many subjects beside the ordinary domestic ones. In the Greek society the husbands could wait to have sex because they could visit a hetaera whenever they wanted. Because the wife was secluded she could not be sexually satisfied unless she was visited by her husband. The problem is that the husband and wife were to consumate their marriage on their wedding night and once the wife started to have sex she might be insatiable. One wonders how the wife managed to not have sex until she was 21.

    Question: do you have a picture of plato

    Answer: Click Here

    Question: how to do coitus interruptus during sex intercouse

    Answer: The ancient hetaerae wriggled away just before the male orgasm.

    Question: Do you have interior women's vagina?

    Answer: The interior of a woman's vagina was compared to a cave in the earth by the ancient Greeks. Snakes were sacred because they lived in caves. Black was a symbol of life because it was the color of the interior of a cave.

    Question: was virginity important when a girl marry in the ancient greece?

    Answer: The goddess Artemis encouraged girls to be virgins when they married, and she was supposed to protect them so they would be. But the men performed no test of virginity.

    Question: wondering if if art, literature or mythology if there is anything regarding man killing woman carring life to defeat death carried by woman that he loves

    Answer: Apollo persuaded the Fates to deliver Admantus from death if he could find a substitute relative. Only his wife Alcestis would volunteer and she died for him.

    Question: Please, tell about Baubo and show some images

    Answer: This quote is form the very old Orphic Hymns: "The goddess Demeter wanders the earth in search of her lost daughter Persephone, stopping to rest at Eleusis. A local woman, Baubo, offers her a drink of barley water, which the goddess refuses. When that was said, she loosened her robes, displaying her whole body ... not a seemly sight! Iackhos, just a boy, was there and shot his hand out to touch the underside of Baubo's breasts. So did the Goddess smile, She smiled in her soul, and accepted, and drank the kykeon from the gleaming cup." For pictures see the following article: The Women's Voices Laughing

    Question: How to fuck

    Answer: Sexual intercourse involves the insertion of the male penis into the female vagina.

    Question: Slang X Positions

    Answer: I have no information on this.

    Question: fat women making love

    Answer: The ancient Greeks produced no images of fat women.

    Question: Thanks for u r response just i wanted to know about the best slang or mastrubating positions of a male with a female

    Answer: Your question suggests that You think that there is a best physical arrangement for a male and a female. Unfortunately there is a lot of relativity with this especially since the majority of the sex experience is emotional and the nature of that experience is dependent upon other emotional experience. And a lot depends on what is the goal. Sexual satisfation and pregnancy are often at odds while sexual satifaction for the male may not correspond with the female. The best situation is where a couple is open to a number of possibilities and through experiment and communication a mutually considered result is produced.

    Question: do you have a good picture of a pussy

    Answer: Click here. This is the famous Venus of Willendorf found by the archaeologist Josef Szombathy in 1908. It is now dated to around 23,000 BCE.

    Question: what are blowjobs

    Answer: Oral sex with a male penis. Hetaera did this for male clents in ancient Greece. Oral sex has the advantage of not getting the female pregnant, but it can be humiliating and a transmitter of venereal disease. No doubt the hetaera were well paid for this. Sex slaves would be submitted to this humiliation without compensation.

    Question: How I can good improvements in sex play with wife, I mean Ilke to get long time?

    Answer: You need to spend more time giving your wife a pleasant sexual experience and restrain yourself in your own sexual experience. Many have thought that since women could not vote in ancient Greece they were second class citizens. But if the husbands really treated them that way then they ended up with second class sex.

    Question: Before tampons and pads existed, what did women use to deal with their periods?

    Answer: According to the following article pads and tampon always existed: Click here. The article mentions papyrus and cotton that could have been used for pads and tampons. Rags and sponges could also have been used.

    One note should be made about the freedom that mentrual protection provides. Menstruation has been a subject of severe taboos in most cultures, both to protect the menstruating woman and others from her miss-directed powers. The Ancient Greek ladies were fortunate that they were not subject to these taboos. Perhaps their seclusion provided this for them. In the Greek cultures, with the aid of seclusion and protection a woman could hide her menstrual state. But in other cultures careful track was kept and the woman was the subject of rituals which could occupy her steadily for several days. She could literally be a bound prisoner.

    Question: My wife has been raped at the age of 13 & now she is terrified of having sex. It has been 1 year of marriage & 2 years of dating & yet she gets to nervous & scared to have sex. Please help what can we do?

    Answer: This is a very difficult problem, but one that is very worth your time because it will correct a great injustice. One problem is that when we read about rape in novels and see it in the movies it is a crime of passion where a beautiful woman attracts a man to her for sex. But the rapes that are in the papers are almost invariably crimes of aggression where a weak man wishes to overpower a weaker female. Your wife may feel guilty that she attracted the rapist, or she may now associate sex with violence and being dominated. You will have to be especially gentle and understanding with her. She needs a lot of support. She will have to have lots of acts of gentleness and support from you to overcome the one act of violence she endured.

    She might benefit from a visit to a psychiatrist. The doctor might be able to focus in on her problem, and he might prescribe tranquilizers that will help her to over come her fear. But do lot leave her alone with this. If she feels a visit to the doctor is because she is crazy, it will just make the problem worse. If you take it as your problem and you are interested in helping her then what the doctor does will be more effective. Unfortunately, the experience you descrbe leaves scars for life. It may take years to improve the problem significantly, and it will never go away entirely. But the conquest of such a problem is a worthy goal for your life and for hers.

    There are rape support groups that might be helpful:

    You probably have a support group in your local community but I cannot find a directory.

    Question: swan

    Answer: Leda was raped by Zeus in the form of a swan. This makes a very sexy and passionate image which has been much used by poets and artists, but I hate to think of what a nightmare it was for poor Leda. She did have the consolation of bearing chidren of Zeus who were always remarkable people and this gave her some degree of immortality. Interesting the story may have developed not from Zeus but some kind of interaction between Leda and a bird goddess such as Athena who was presenting Leda with a charm or knowledge. There probably was an egg in the picture because Leda's children were born from eggs. Perhaps the picture represented a transformation of bird goddess to woman goddess, as Athena did sometimes. The story could then relate to the domination of the Athena cult by the Zeus cult and the raping of Athena

    Question: human sex with horses

    Answer: If Pasiphae could have sex with a bull, why not a horse. Of course she is a goddess and not a human. But in an agricultural environment such activity is not uncommon. The Centaurs may have been the result of such sex. Centaurs were very sexual and were always trying to rape women. Atalanta killed two such centaurs. But Centaurs might not be considered horses or human.One interesting story involves the fact that women horseback riders invariably have sex with the horse, in the sense that they get orgasms that way. One wonders if Amazons fought on horses bareback for this reason. But one might also think they would be distracted by the orgasms in the middle of a battle. Perhaps this is why there are no more Amazons. Side saddles were supposedly invented so women could ride without getting orgasms, but the French call riding a horse sidesaddle 'en Amazon'.

    Question: what was the first sexual position

    Answer: It is the position that Pandora took when she opened her "box". More on the implication of this can be read in: Click here.

    Question: Could you Please tell me more about Achilles


    Question: What is your status for what we Americans call "Manwhores" down there? Are there any different forms of Male prostitution in Athens?

    Answer: This site is about ancient Greece of some 2300 years ago. Male prostitutes had a very low status.

    Question: Women in wine advertisements. Is it ethical?

    Answer: The ancient Greeks practiced this for example: Dionysos flanked by silen and maenad which would make for a fine wine advertisement. The problem is the truth of the image. Wine is associated with good times, especially when sex is involved. The problem of the alcoholic is the times are too good. The morality of abstinence cannot be disputed, but the virtues of wine cannot be denied either. The best statement is that such advertising is tasteless and unsympathetic to the problems of the alcoholic but not immoral. Personally I live without alcohol, and I hope my example allows others to live without it, but most people cannot.

    Question: Dildoes??

    Answer: Read about these in Aritophanes' Lysistrata. Click here.

    Question: can you show me a picture of them having sex with horses?

    Answer: Here is Deianeira about to be mated with a Centaur: Click here. The Centaur is the result, of course, of mating a human an a horse. Here is a Centaur carrying off a nymph: Click here. Notice that the Amazon's rode bare backed: Click here


    Answer: Homesexual oral sex was practiced in ancient Greece, but it may not have been any more common than it is today.

    Question: I have read that in Roman history orgies were frowned upon... is tis true of the greek culture as well?... If not, what were the orgies like?, were there rituals performed?

    Answer: Strictly, and orgy was a religious ritual for the cult of Dionysus. These were called mysteries because the details were kept secret. The result is that we do not know what happened. The fact that sexual activity did occur led to the notion that what happened was an unrestrained indulgence in sexual activity, but we cannot verify this. Since the rituals were performed by women who had achieved a crazed state as a result of drinking and dancing, the men were terrified of these rituals. It has been said that the rituals were a reaction to the repression of women. But the men could do little to stop them. During the Roman period the notion of orgy was more related to sexual indulgence and the community naturally restrained them.

    Question: Did religious cerimonies in ancient Greece included sex orgies?

    Answer: Probably as often as religion includes sex orgies today.

    Question: What happened to male children borne of prostitutes and hetaerae? Were they "exposed" like female babies?

    Answer: Unwanted babies of both sexes that were healthy were sold into slavery. Only the unhealthy ones were exposed.

    Question: greek brothel tokens

    Answer: No information.

    Question: How can starte with the girl ( this is the first time to do some meeting and sex ? and she also.

    Answer: Start with conversation. Save the sex until much later. Talk about the weather, the surroundings, the news, or anything. Try to establish interesting topics for conversation. Most of a marriage is spent in conversation and not in sex. Try to get involved in activities that are mutually interesting. The best situation is one where the lovers can share information about mutually interesting topics. Naturally sex is one such topic but a relationship should not be based on this one topic. Once some basis of communication is established then the topic of sex can be discussed and acted upon.

    Question: did greek women masturbate and with what

    Answer: Masturbation is a fairly common practice because it is so pleasurable. Maturbation techniques are as common as the imagination. Hands are often used, and there are stories of horseback riking having this effect. Aristophanes mentions leather dildoes which were common enough.

    Question: According to Aristotle, what determined the sex of a baby?

    Answer: A common notion in the time of Aristotle was that both the male and the female produced semen. The sex of the child was determined by which semen was most abundant. See: Click here.

    Question: what is the real story about apolo and daphne?

    Answer: Plutarch says: "Daphne, the daughter of Amyclas, who, flying from Apollo, was transformed into a laurel, and honored by that god with the gift of prophecy." Ovid has more to say in the Metamorphoses

    While Pausanius, Description of Greece, 8.20.1 says: "Oenomaus, prince of Pisa, had a son Leucippus. Leucippus fell in love with Daphne, but despaired of winning her to be his wife by an open courtship, as she avoided all the male sex. The following trick occurred to him by which to get her. Leucippus was growing his hair long for the river Alpheius. [3] Braiding his hair as though he were a maiden, and putting on woman's clothes, he came to Daphne and said that he was a daughter of Oenomaus, and would like to share her hunting. As he was thought to be a maiden, surpassed the other maidens in nobility of birth and skill in hunting, and was besides most assiduous in his attentions, he drew Daphne into a deep friendship. [4] The poets who sing of Apollo's love for Daphne make an addition to the tale; that Apollo became jealous of Leucippus because of his success in his love. Forthwith Daphne and the other maidens conceived a longing to swim in the Ladon, and stripped Leucippus in spite of his reluctance. Then, seeing that he was no maid, they killed him with their javelins and daggers."

    Question: Is there any evidence as to what the Aphrodite hierodules might have worn or done to thier bodies. Did they do something to their hair or face or maybe wore something unique that made them stand out?

    Answer: Greek women did little to their bodies except depiliate them. This example was probably followed by the temple prostitutes in Corinth. That they were priestesses suggests that they dressed very well. If they were concerned about their revenue then they would dress in a way that stimulated business. Shear and supple dresses were suggested in the comedy Lysistrata.

    Question: were there std's in ancient greece or rome?

    Answer: Probably, but not AIDS or syphilis. Monogamy greatly reduces the effects of sexually transmitted diseases. Societies with monogamy thrive because the babies are born healthier because they are not as affected by std's. The ancient Greeks encouraged maidens to wait until marriage for sex and they encouraged monogamy. The stories of prostitutes in the Greek society means only that some men strayed and they did not mind talking about it. We do not know the rate of straying. Many babies were born with birth defects, but std's are only a partial explanation. Societies without std's have no need for monogamy.

    Question: what were the greeks so obsessed with sex and nudity?

    Answer: Actually the proper question is why is our society so obsessed with condemning sex and nudity. The ancient Greeks saw sex and nudity in a more natural light.

    Question: Danae

    Answer: Zeus visited Danae and she became pregnant even though she was locked in a brazen tower. The son born to her was the great hero Perseus.

    Question: was paedophilia an issue?

    Answer: Not so much as today simply because anyone who had that tendency took out their feelings on some poor slave. Slave children were cheap and easy to control. There is no doubt that many slaves suffered from the sexual perverions of their owners. This is one of the difficulties of slavery that is not often discussed.

    Question: how much sex did one guy have in a day?

    Answer: It depends upon what you mean by sex. Most men spend an enormous amount of time thinking about sex. They think about sex about once evey ten minutes. The ancient Greeks were not any different in this regard. The main difference is that they spent a lot more time having male to male sex. But the incidence of homesexuality was about the same then as now. Most of the male to male sex was bi-sexual.

    Question: is it true that when the people had sex with a animal that the baby was actually born looking like a monster?or was it just stories that people told?

    Answer: There is no scientifically verified case of human sex with and animal producing a monster. But monsters are sometimes born of human mothers. These monster babies sometimes look like animals and this may have caused the stories to be told. Most monster births are stillborn but rarely one lives. Most primitive peoples are associated with an animal totem. Sex with an animal more often can be intrepeted as sex with a person of that totem. The monster produced is symbolic relating to totemic prohibitions.

    Question: love goddess of greek and roman are some the same from eygtain culture

    Answer: No. Each culture had individual variations.

    Question: Was there any erotic literature about Pasiphae in ancient times? What about today?

    Answer: The myths of Pasiphae have always been erotic. But her eroticism is overshadowed by the heroism of Theseus. The face value of the story of the minotaur is full of sexual imagery, but it is also a great adventure. The sex is repressed underneath a great accomplishment. This seems to be how our world would have it so the story is approved. Picasso did a whole series on the Minotaur which includes much eroticism. Others have done similarly.

    Question: free sex woman

    Answer: The problem with free sex is the baby that often results. In ancient Greece the baby could be sold into slavery if the mother could find a way to be taken care of during pregnancy. In ancient Greece owners were not inclined to provide for pregnant slaves so they were probably put to death unless the father stepped forward. Prostitutes lost too much income during pregnancy so they were not inclined to pregnancy either. Women who became pregnant were very dependent upon their family for support. But not every woman had a family. The net result was that sex was not free, but expensive particularly for the woman.

    Question: I have been told Artemis was a ancient Greek lesbion love godess. Is that true?

    Answer: True enough. Artemis had an affair with Britomartis. She was also a favorite of Amazon's for a similar reason. What is also true is that she seemed to relate to sadistic and masochistic love as well.

    Question: do women find anal intercourse pleasurable?

    Answer: Anal intercourse was performed on ancient Greek hetaerae. It seems to have been done more for the benefit of the man, but anal intercourse may be pleasureable to some women. The advantage of anal intercourse to a woman is that pregnancy is unlikely. The disadvantage is that infections are quite easy to spread. To a hetaerae anal intercourse would have advantages way beyond pleasure. To a wife it may be disadvantageous even if it was pleasurable.

    Question: when a girl is married against her will, what did she do during sex? does she fight her husband or just lie still so he could get over it quickly? if the husband is big and strong, does he force his penis on the girl? do husbands force sex on their wives?

    Answer: Few smart parents would require a girl to marry against her will because she might not want to have sex with her husband and no children would result. But some parents might cause a marriage for money for status. The assumption is that though she might like the man. He is fond enough of her to pay for her. The man, in this case, might be well advised to try to make her happy. Once happy, she would probably be willing to engage in sex. But suppose there is the odd case of a girl that remains unhappy. The law often allows sex to be forced on a wife, but there are often limits as to how much damage can be done in the forcing. Suppose a man were to sneak up on his wife and bind and gag her. He could then force his penis on the girl. Now he has to deal with the aftermath. Can he trust her now? While he is gone she might trash everything and throw it outdoors. She might decide to abuse his children. He takes a risk in performing such an act. There are women who enjoy this behavior and will reward the man. But there are others who will want vengence. If the girl wants vengence the husband must get rid of her or risk being destroyed himself. The best alternative is to make peace with the girl, and this often means doing what she wants.

    There is no question that some husbands force sex on their wives, but then they have to deal with the consequences. Some couples argue. But if they cannot resolve their differences life is hell for both. The ancient Greeks were so productive that most couples must have resolved their differences. In fact, there is reason to believe that the Greek woman got all the sex she wanted, and if the husband needed more, then he went to a hetaerae. If he needed some kinky sex that the wife was unwilling to do he could pay a hetaerae to do it.

    Pornographic literature is full of stories about women who enjoy sexual violence. But the reason why it is pornographic is that it does not correspond to reality. People can be made to obey with violence and punishment, but they can be made to obey so much better with kindness and rewards. People use violence because it is easier and satisfies their emotions. Kindness and rewards requires intelligence and patience. Pornographic literature appeals to a simple basic response. Reality requires intelligence and insightful experience.

    Question: how did men please their wives besides sex?

    Answer: They let them buy the things they wanted. They probably gave them money to spend. Many cities had a market. But most women stayed at home. Perhaps they visited the market on festival days or perhaps the vendors went door to door. The men might buy jewelry, clothes, or fine food for their wives but it seems that most women want to buy things for themselves. Some men even talked to their wives. In some casees this is how the wives became educated. Men's parties (symposium) in ancient Greece are famous, but the wives probably did not attend these. But a man might allow his wife to have a party too.

    Question: did unwilling brides enjoy sex as much as willing ones? if not, what do the husbands doabout it?

    Answer: The trick for a man is not to marry an unwilling bride. But if the bride comes with a lot of money then the man can leave her alone and hire a hetaera. A patient and caring husband can also bring a bride around. The enjoyment of sex can facilitate this process. An unwilling bride is not going to have sex. In order to enjoy sex she is going to have to be more willing. The general view was that for women sex was an irrepressable force.

    Question: in the myth of persephone, why is she still sad? i assume that she had sex with hades and he gives her anything she wants.

    Answer: She is sad whenever she leaves and happy to arrive.

    Question: you said that marriages were arranged. does this mean divorce was also high or that people really tried to make their marriage work?

    Answer: A woman who married and had babies was very well treated while women who were not married had a tough life. A man could easily divorce his wife but a woman could not easily divorce her husband. There was a lot more pressure on the woman to make the marriage work. The actual divorce rate was low as a result.

    Question: in the myth of persephone, she is away for part of the year. how does hades survive without his beautiful and sexy wife?

    Answer: Not very well. But the anticipation of her return seems enough.

    Question: if a woman has no desire for her husband, does she fake orgasm to please him or could she refuse him sex?

    Answer: In ancient Greece if a wife did not want sex the husband was expected to visit a hetaera.

    Question: I understand that Greek (and I believe Roman aswell) culture had such happenings as a man taking a young boy under his wing, teaching him the ways of life and schooling him, but also preforming homosexual acts with the boy. Some parents would encourage, and even expect this relationship to develope. Would this be the only instance in which a youth and an adult, engaging in intercourse, be smiled upon?

    Answer: This situation that you describe is clearly one that benefits the young boy and is carefully controlled by custom. It has been described as an initiation ceremony for the young boy in society. It in not unusually for a young boy to have an initiation involving homoerotic activity. It may not be correct to style this behavior as homosexual but rather as bisexual. There is no indication that the older man is homosexual and lacks and interest in the opposite sex. Clearly it is the social intercourse and not the sexual intercourse that is smiled upon.

    Question: did the olympians run naked because they were homosexuals

    Answer: Not at all. It was an ancient custom for them. It might have been done for reasons of safety or security. It may also have been done for identification.

    Question: incest impregnation

    Answer: The ancient Greeks did not approve of incest even though their divinities were fully involved. The incest of the divinities was a convenient explanation of reality and not an example for humans to follow.

    Question: Is there any correlation between the sexually-open culture of the Greeks to that of the ancient Indians (as exhibited by Tantra/Kama Sutra, etc.)? Also, which do you think "influenced" the other, if at all? Were there other civilizations (more ancient or later than the Greeks) that also accepted homosexuality, and the "public display" of sexuality? Any correlation (or EVIDENCE of) between Biblical "threat of punishment from above" and actual "destruction" of a certain "homosexual" civilization(s)? Were the Greeks the first to display such practices?? Thanks, in advance, for the response.

    Answer: There are two possible connections between the ancient Greeks and the ancient Indians. The wave of immigrants just before the classical period, the Dorians, were Indo-European, and had a common ancestor culture. But the Greek attitudes about sex seem to result from an interaction between Dorian, Mycenaean, and Minoan values. A stronger influence occurred later when Alexander the Great conquered part of India. This event caused shock-waves of culture that even reached into China. The various martial arts which are closely identified with China actually began as the Greek pancratic wresting which was spread by Alexander. I do not know about other civilizations, but homosexual acts are a common part of male initiation in many societies. Homosexuality seems to have a genetic basis which means it is a constant factor in every civilization. Why this might be so may come from the fact that there is an evolutionary advantage to homosexuality. Since homosexuals hang around their family and never marry, it may be that they support the culture of the family. There are cultures that have failed because they ersecuted homosexuals, but not because they failed to. It is important to note that though the ancient Greeks tolerated homosexual acts, there is no evidence that the incidence of homosexuality was any different in that society. Hetereosexuals did not seem to care who was the object of their sex but they did not prefer homosexual sex. Much of the Greek sex was bisexual rather than homosexual. Sex, rather than causing the demise of the Greeks, was probably a great asset. The Greeks accomplished a great deal and it may have been a result of their sexual energy. And their influence has not ended. One of the conclusions of the research by Sigmund Freud is that this energy has not disappeared, but it has been transferred to our subconscious. Our conscious is the realm of the ancient Jewish civilization. One strong motive for the study of the ancient Greek civilization is the insight it gives to our subconscious. Oddly, it was the Greeks who provided the logical tools of rationality, not the Jews. There is evidence that the Greeks invented some homosexual practices. Anal sex, for example, is often attributed to the Greeks and is sometimes called Greek sex.


    Answer: Probably not. In ancient Greece wives needed to get pregnant and would only perform oral sex if they really wanted to. A wife will not get pregnant by drinking the sperm in seamen. If a Greek man wanted a woman to perform oral sex he went to a hetaera. A hetaera was quite willing to perform oral sex because she did not want to become pregnant and she would be paid.

    Question: do you have any examples of rape of barbarian women personifying victory in ancient greek art

    Answer: The rape of Europa was the rape of a barbarian woman, but whether this symbolizes victory is not so clear. The departure of Medea with Jason could be considered a rape too. This is more likely a symbol of victory.

    Question: were there any lesbians in that time if so who?

    Answer: Yes there were. The seclusion of women allowed lesbians to relate without interference. However males did not tolerate this practice when they knew about it. The result is that no lesbians are recorded. The Amazons may have been lesbian. Sappho may have been lesbian.

    Question: did greeks use contraception?when did the use begin?

    Answer: The Ancient Greeks seemed to think bathing was a method of contraception. Sheep-skin condoms have been available since Roman times. Rubber condoms were developed in the 20th century as a result of the efforts of Charles Goodyear.

    Question: what female name represented lust in classical mythology?

    Answer: Aphrodite

    Question: why did medea kill jason's wife?

    Answer: Medea was the wife of Jason and mother of his children. But Jason wanted to raise his station by dumping Medea and marrying a local princess. Medea killed the princess.

    Question: If they perform naked in the olympics, why don't they just hang around the streets naked too? Didnt they feel more freedom without clothes?

    Answer: The athletes performed with their perfect bodies in the heat of the summer. Clothes protect from the elements and hide bodily imperfections. Clothes also define status. We know now that clothes also have some public health benefits. In the streets most naked bodies were beggars and children without status, though some were, no doubt, proud enough of their bodies to display them on a sunny day in the summer. Some men attended their marriage ceremony naked.

    Question: was there oral sex in ancient greece?

    Answer: Yes, but isn't it important to know what kind and who benefited? Don't you also want to know if anyone got hurt by this practice?


    Answer: The most common sexual positions are man-on-top, woman-on-top, side-by-side, and rear-entry. In ancient Greece the rear entry position was much more common than it is today. This is beacuse no bed is required.

    Question: what is the greek position

    Answer: Anal sex is sometimes referred to as Greek sex. But do not thinks that this was because they were homosexuals. The ancient Greeks would easily have sex with either sex. They were really more bisexual. What is important is that there were few restrictions in the Greek society as to what was acceptable. There were preferences though. But in general they preferred sex with a convenient person, and did not care much the sex of that person.

    Question: Why are all these questions obviously submitted by prepubescent boys still wearing their momma-washed tightie whities and uneducated lechers unable to pry their hands away from their nether regions long enough to write a coherent sentence?

    Answer: I try to provide good information to those that need it without regard to educational level, sex, aged, or other instrument of prejudice.

    Question: nursing and lactation

    Answer: When a woman in ancient Greece gave birth, her body was prepared for lactation, but it was not standard practice for the woman to breast feed the baby. Often the baby was given to a wet nurse. One of the problems that the ancient Greeks had was that babies were weaned too early and started on barley meal. I have no information relating sex and lactation.

    Question: y does everybody like sex?

    Answer: This is false. Not everybody likes sex. People who use sex to hurt people do not really like it.

    Question: Do you have pictures of greeks having sex?

    Answer: Yes. There are many pictures of Greeks having sex. The ancient Greeks did not think pictures of sex were immoral. If fact, in the context of the worship of Aphrodite, pictures of sex might be quite moral. This contrasts with our society where pictures of sex are usually considered immoral.

    Question: Did Women have sex with men while riding horseback?

    Answer: No, the horses were small and could not support the weight of two adults. A more interesting question involves the same sentence without the words 'with men'.

    Question: did the greeks masturbate?

    Answer: Masturbation involves the excitation of the sexual organ to orgasm, but not by sexual intercourse. Many kinds of autoerotic and sex-play involves this type of activity. It is so common that it would be very surprising if the Greeks were not involved. Vase paintings depict this type of activity. There is a myth suggested that states that Pan taught masturbation to shepherds as a method of self relief. There is also a story that Diogenes the cynic displayed public masturbation. He wished to make the point that sex was beneficial. He compained that you should be able to satisfy your stomach merely by rubbing your belly.

    Question: how were Spatian Sexual pratices different from Atheian? How are they Revlant to the Present Civilizations?

    Answer: Spartan practices seem to have been from older times. The Greeks wrote much on what they felt was productive sex. But sex was never considered a sin. This gives a different view on sex in a culture that considers all sex a sin.

    Question: I wanted to let you know about another educational site with an entire section on the History of Sex. It's called "Sex Education Links" I should be finishing up the Ancient Greece section by tomorrow and it will be up on the internet. Your website

    Answer: Your site is a little hard on hetaera. But you are off on the anal sex. Normal sex was doggy style with the woman on all fours. This is how sex was done on the ground. Of course there was anal sex which the hetaera may have preferred because she did not get pregnant. I would think the hetaera would have preferred the fellatio for the same reason.

    Question: did people use to practice incest? like sex with mother,daughter or son. do you think it is wrong? isn't it an expression of immense love for your beloved ones if both are willing?

    Answer: The ancient Greeks did not willingly practice incest. They knew it as wrong because it produces babies that are deformed. Even sex between cousins produces slight increases in the defects of babies. We also think there is a bad psychological effect. But incest is hard to prevent. Parents have easy access to children who are weak and easy to control. So incest happens. But it results in babies that need extra care and mothers who are alienated from their families. These people usually need lots of welfare. A better expression of love between family members is that they are able to care for one another without sex.

    Incest has been done in the past often for political reasons. In cases where political succession involves sex, incest is sometimes a political necessity for a family to maintain control or keep from dying out. But the results of these incestrual relations are very well documented. That is why we know incest is evil.

    Question: How do males masturbate in ancient greece?


    Question: Are ancient male greeks circumcised?

    Answer: No.

    Question: Was homosexual sex accepted in general or primarily by the Athenian upper classes?

    Answer: Homosexual sex was not a separate kind of sex for the ancient Greeks. Some of the acts we would consider homosexual were regulated by ethics. The Athenian upper class was more likely to observe the ethics than the lower classes.

    Question: did ancient greek women expose their private parts to ward off storms

    Answer: Probably not. But there was a belief that winds produced pregnancy and some exposed their private parts to storms to get pregnant.

    Question: Was penis size as much of an isue back then as it is today? Were men with biger ones concidered more manly?

    Answer: It seems as though manliness was determined by athletics. But when nude art of the athletes was produced the penis was de-emphasized.

    Statement: I learned in one of my college courses that in Ancient Greece men could not form "agape" (a pure form of love/ true love) with women and so Greek men would rather form "agape" (love relationships) with men. Relationships with women were only necessary for siring children, but only men can have "agape" love with other men because women could not achieve "agape".

    Response:This statement is a difficult one for our culture because it involves many of our values. But I can make some comments. I think your learning may relate to Socates who had no agape love for his wife. Plato develops concepts similar to your statement in his writings. There are many examples of men in ancient Greece who had agape love for women including especially Pericles. Odysseus sets a high standard with his love for Penelope. It is hard for contemporary culture to undestand ancient Greek love because the Greeks did not distinguish between homosexual and heterosexual love and until recently our culture condemned homosexual love altogether. We now realize, hopefully, that many illegal sex acts of the past are victimless crimes. But that does not imply that all sex acts are victimless. The ancient Greeks seemed to feel that some acts of rape and sexual imposition were acceptable. In the case of the Spartans the man had to steal his bride away and this might count as rape. The action of Zeus with Ganymede seems like sexual impositon. So we have to pick our way through these things carefully

    The most important factor is that true love implies a morality of the type Aristotle referenced. He said the higher up the body an act was the better. Since thoughts are in the head they are better. This is like the mind body dualism of Plato. Sex acts are physical therefore impure while thoughts are pure. But reality is different. With most married couples sex begins the relationship and true love develops along the way. There were factors in ancient Greece which hindered this process. One factor was the arranged marriage. The other factor was the lack of emphasis on the education of women. If women are chattel to be bartered and sold there will be times when the compatibility of the couple will not be considered and the man will have to look to other men for agape. If the education level of the two is not considered then the couple will not have much to talk about and so the man will look to other men for agape. Lastly I will mention that Aphrodite has two aspects, Aphrodite Pandemos, and Aphrodite Urania quite properly to accomodate the factors that I mentioned. Men in ancient Greece could ignore her only at their peril.

    As to whether ancient Greek women could achieve "agape" there is the example of Penelope in the Odyssey. Sappho seems qualified in this way as do the many women poets and philosopers. The best example may be Diotima in the Symposium of Plato.

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