Making a wearing a Peplos

Making a wearing a Peplos

Artemis bathing off Crete

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Making and Wearing a Peplos

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Making and Wearing a Peplos

The peplos is a garment made from two squares of cloth about 6 feet square.
A doll is used here to demonstrate how it is done.
The first piece covers the back:

The second piece covers the front.

The two pieces are pinned alond the top of the arms joiining the two pieces
together. The pins are like hatpins about 6 inces long. A better choice would
be brooches that had a greek decoration. In ancient Greece these were called

Side view:

Excess material is pulled up and the material is gathered at the waist with
a tie or belt. The garment can be sewn into a tube if desired. The style of
the garment is determined by how the garment is gathered and tied. Notice that
the garment, as worn by the ancient Greek ladies was somewhat revealing. A
more opaque cloth can be worn, or a bodysuit can be worn. It is also possible
to wear one garment over another to get more layers.

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Artemis bathes off Crete

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